Sliced Beef Tenderloin on Cutting Board with Red Wine

Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is a decadent entree that can easily be enjoyed as a comforting Sunday dinner or an elegant Valentine’s day feast. No matter the occasion, we have the perfect combination of sides, garnishes, desert and wine  to accompany beef tenderloin for an undeniably delicious meal.

Beef Tenderloin


  • Heinen’s Own Beef Tenderloin Fillets – Meat Dept.
  • Heinen’s Mushroom Risotto – Frozen Foods
  • Isola Truffle Butter – Dairy Dept.
  • Sautéed Kale– Prepared Foods
  • Mini Chocolate Truffle Bomb Cake – Bakery
  • Savas – Wine Department


  • Remove your broiler pan and pre-heat the broiler.
    • For cuts that are less than 1 ½ inch thick, position the broiler rack so the filets will be 3-4 inches from the heat.
    • For cuts that are 1 ½ inch plus, position the broiler rack so the filets are 4-5 inches from the heat.
  • Season the filets lightly with oil and sprinkle with a mixture of crushed black pepper, coarse sea salt and garlic.
  • Place the seasoned filets on the unheated broiler pan. Place under broiler on the oven rack.
  • Broil the meat, turning once halfway through the cooking time. Use tongs instead of a fork to turn the meat to prevent juices from escaping.
    • 1 inch thick filets, broil 12-14 minutes for Med. Rare (145°F) ; 15-18 minutes for Medium (160°F)
    • 1 ½ inch thick filets, broil 18-21 minutes for Med. Rare (145°F); 22-27 minutes for Medium (160°F)
  • Transfer the filets to a plate, slather both sides with 1 T. of the truffle butter, cover lightly with foil and allow to rest for 5 minutes before serving.
  • Prepare the risotto as instructed and warm the kale. Place a scoop of risotto in the center of the plate and place 1 filet right on top. Add some of the kale to the plate and serve.

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  1. I believe 125 is medium rare. Remove from broiler and rest 5 minutes before eating. It will be perfect. Cook to 145 and it will be at least medium well if not well done. Meat continues to cook after removing it from the heat.

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