Boardwalk-inspired: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

There’s no waffling about this delicious treat. One of our Heinen’s associates remembers enjoying these on the Jersey Shore boardwalk and we were inspired to make our own. We highly recommend you do the same with this recipe…

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich with Drip

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Waffles (Pre-made or Homemade, whichever you prefer)
  • Ice Cream of your choice
  • Powered Sugar
  • Chocolate Candy Bar

Lay out a few squares of wax paper – one per sandwich – to arrange the ingredients without making too much of a mess. Cut the waffle squares into triangular halves. Place one waffle triangle on the wax paper and add one large scoop of ice cream*. Add the other waffle triangle on top and dust with powdered sugar and chocolate shavings. Bite in before it melts too much!

*If your ice cream is soft it will easily sandwich between the waffle. Otherwise, you may want to scoop fresh-from-the-freezer, hard ice cream onto a separate piece of wax paper. Pull the wax paper over top the scoop and then, using your hands or a flat item like a cook book, press it into a more rectangular shape.

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich Overhead

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