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Certified Organic Produce – Wholesome Food from Local Family Farms

At Heinen’s, we take organic produce seriously and our long-standing relationships with local growers provides us access to the best selection of Ohio grown, certified organic produce that you’ll find anywhere. Our in-season organic produce is grown on small Ohio Amish and Mennonite family farms,  resulting in the freshest possible, most nutritious produce for you and your family.

Local Ohio Farm

Greenfield Farms – Fredricksburg, OH

For many years, our friends at Greenfield Farms have been growing premium organic produce for our stores and over the years their products have gained quite a following.

Organic Kale
Organic kale growing on a Amish farm in Ohio.

The farmers at Greenfield Farms believe that growing healthy food begins with healthy soil and therefore use only natural fertilizers and organic matter, along with a watchful eye, to keep the soil healthy and thriving. Pests and weeds are controlled with annual cover crops and tillage rather than with the use of harmful chemicals, the way that it’s been done for centuries within these close-knit families.

These dedicated farmers truly seek to work in harmony with nature by providing habitats for insects and birds that help control harmful plant pathogens and bugs in the fields. Honey bees pollinate the flowers as they blossom on the young plants in their fields.

This careful attention to the soil and environment while working with nature ensures tasty wholesome food with real nutritional value for your family.

From Greenfield farms you can expect the highest quality organic produce, grown close to home and grown to be the most nutritious and healthful as possible.

Geauga Family Farms – Middlefield, OH

Geauga family farms is an organic farming cooperative located in Geauga County, Ohio that came to be in the early 2000’s as a means for saving a way of life and give a voice to small-scale local Ohio farmers. It all began when a group of Geauga County farmers began to notice a trend in disappearing farm land and growing concern in the community about the effect that this might have on the way of life for the people within the community, they decided to act and Geagua Family Farms was born.

Organic Green Beans

Today the co-op sources premium organic produce from a network of 10 certified organic farms within Geauga County, the majority of which are owned and operated by Amish families. These farmers rely on ecologically-based, traditional farming practices and biological pest-control that doesn’t include the use of synthetic chemicals on their fields.

Geauga Family Farms aims to assist small-scale local farmers succeed for generations to come and you can find this pure, healthy produce at your local Heinen’s.

Throughout the growing season, our stores are stocked with Ohio Grown Organic Produce including:

  • Organic Zucchini
  • Organic Yellow Squash
  • Organic Kale
  • Organic Cabbage
  • Organic Green Peppers
  • Organic Beets
  • Organic Heirloom, Slicer and Grape Tomatoes
  • Organic Eggplant
  • And much more!

Look for Certified Organic produce from Greenfield Farms and Geauga Family Farms in the produce department at your favorite Heinen’s Grocery Store and be sure to check our Local Farm Report for the latest arrivals from local farms.

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