Cherry Pits

Cherry How-to: Pitting

Often times, when we are lucky enough to have cherries at home, they become a snack. Cherries are a stone fruit and, therefore, have pits that need to be removed for small children or decadent desserts. Pit removal can seem like a lengthy task when you’re craving a sweet (or tart!) treat, but it doesn’t have to be.

Five everyday items for pitting cherries:

  • Skewer + Bottle: A chopstick or kabob skewer plus an empty bottle will be your main instruments for pit removal. Center the cherry on the opening of the bottle then carefully use the skewer to push the pit through the other side and into the bottle. Easy cleanup with this method.
  • Paperclip: Locate a large paperclip and bend open one side so that the remaining “u” can serve as a scoop. Once you’ve removed the cherry’s stem, insert the paperclip into that same spot and turn it in a circular motion around the pit. It should now easily pop out!
  • Bobby Pin: Unlike the paperclip, there’s no need to bend the bobby pin before use. Simply push it through from one side to the other and capture the pit for removal.
  • StrawYou’ll need to find a thicker straw for this task. Remove the stem and, as with the other methods, push it through the middle of the cherry to remove the pit.
  • Pastry Tip: In lieu of a cherry pitter, spear your cherries with a pastry tip to remove the pits. Place the pastry tip on your counter, remove the stem from the cherry, and place the cherry over the pastry tip. Push the cherry onto the point and the pit should drop through.

What other items have you had success with when pitting cherries? Share with us below or on social media @heinens.

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