Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Complete Prepared Meals for the Holidays

Take the stress out of entertaining this holiday season and let Heinen’s expert Chefs do the cooking for you.

Save yourself the hours of peeling potatoes, snapping green beans and tweeking gravy and enjoy more time with your friends and family with our full course heat and serve dinners. We’ll make your entertaining truly effortless. Let us know how many guests you’re expecting and we’ll prepare a perfect gourmet meal that you can simply heat and enjoy.

Heinen’s Complete Turkey Dinner

Complete Turkey Meal
• 1 Cooked Heinen’s Turkey, 10-12 lbs.
• Herb Roasted Redskin Potatoes or Mashed Potatoes, 4 lbs.
• Sweet Potato Casserole or Fresh Candied Yams, 4 lbs.
• Crouton Stuffing, 4 lbs.
• Turkey Gravy, 2 qts.
• Green Bean Amandine or Green Bean Mushroom Casserole, 5 lbs.
• Heinen’s Cranberry Relish, 15.5 oz. container
• 15 Rolls and Butter
• 2 – Heinen’s 10″ Pumpkin or Apple Pies

Call for Pricing
Minimum of 10 Servings
(3 day advance notice required)

Heinen’s Complete Ham Dinner

Spiral Cut Ham
• Heinen’s Spiral Sliced Ham (6-7 lbs. average) –or- Boneless Baked Ham with Orange Sauce (4.5 lbs. average)
• Green Bean Amandine or Green Bean Mushroom Casserole, 5 lbs
• Au Gratin Potatoes or Candied Sweet Potatoes, 5 lbs
• Heinen’s Cranberry Relish, two 15.5 oz. containers
• 15 Rolls and Butter
• Spiced Orange Sauce, 2 Cups (Baked Ham Only)
• Small Relish Tray with Dip
• 2 – Heinen’s 10″ Pumpkin or Apple Pies

Call for Pricing
Minimum of 10 Servings
(3 day advance notice required)

Don’t need the full meal? Consider the options from our time-saving à la carte menu that includes delicious sides and main dishes to shorten your time in the kitchen. You’ll find a few of our terrific options here:

Potatoes Homemade Gravies Side Dishes
Smashed RedskinsHerb Roasted Redskins

Gourmet Mashed

Parmesan Scalloped


Heinen’s Turkey GravyHeinen’s Chicken Gravy

Heinen’s Beef Gravy

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with Garlic and HerbsGrilled Asparagus

Kettle Roasted Vegetables

Corn & Bacon Casserole

Broccolini with Fried Garlic

Seared Cauliflower with Tumeric, Ginger & Cumin


  1. Good Morning Pam,
    We apologize for the delay in following up with you. If you are still looking for information regarding food for your holiday luncheon, we’d love to help. Our Entertaining Brochure has detailed information regarding offerings & servings: (Page 18 contains details about our Complete Dinners)

    If you are looking to order any of the items, please contact your Heinen’s directly. Store contact information is located on page 23 of the brochure. Thank you for reaching out to us – Happy Holidays!

  2. Does Heinen’s do beef tenderloin. Am considering this for meal on Christmas Eve. Would be for 9 individuals (was told I would need approximately 4#) and I am not sure if I cooked it that it would turn out okay. Have had sample meats at Heinen’s Rocky River and they always taste so good.

    1. Hello Lynn – Thank you for reaching out to us! We do sell cooked beef tenderloin in the Gourmet case, though we’d recommend calling & placing a special order if you’re looking to feed 9 individuals. We can’t guarantee what will be available in the case, so by calling ahead and ordering your store can prepare and have it ready for you. Please let us know if we can provide any further information and thank you for shopping with Heinen’s.

  3. How is the Heinen’s gravy made? Ingredient list? Sodium content amount? Once I buy it in the fresh food dept., how long is the shelf life? Can I freeze it and thaw to serve?

    1. Good afternoon Cheryl – I understand someone reached out to you via facebook about the gravy details. Let us know if you have anymore questions!

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