Redmond Clay Powder

Discover the Natural Healing Benefits of Redmond Clay

For many generations, native Indians carried a ball of mineral-rich clay with them everywhere they went, some of which they dissolved in water and ingested with their meals. As a pure product of the earth, this clay acted as a powerful natural medicine with many uses including fighting stomach ailments, dysentery and food infections. Today, this natural clay remedy is still available in a product called Redmond Clay and you can find it at your local Heinen’s Grocery Store.

What is Redmond Clay?Clay Powder for Facemasks

We’re glad you asked. Redmond Clay is natural bentonite clay that has been used in healing applications for generations. This mineral-rich, white sodium clay, that geologists tell us is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water many generations ago, is found deep within the earth. This incredible clay is mined in Redmond, Utah, where people in the community have been using it medicinally for many years.

How do I use it?

The uses for Redmond Clay are practically endless and have been successfully used for many years for healing external issues like minor burns, bee stings, acne, athletes foot, inflammation and so much more. To benefit from this powerful clay, some people even take clay baths by sprinkling about a 1/2 cup of dry clay powder in their bathwater, mixing it up and soaking in it for 30 minutes or more to support the body’s natural detox response.


Have tired, aching feet? We suggest adding Redmond Clay to your footbath. Simply put three tablespoons of Redmond Clay in a pan of water and soak your feet for 30 minutes. How about a beauty mud mask to freshen your skin? Mix the powdered clay in the palm of your hand with just enough water to make the consistency of mud. Rub onto your face (being sure to keep clear of the eye area) and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry.

Redmond Clay, extracted from the earth and brought to you in its pure, natural state, is available as a fine powder or pre-hydrated gel and found in Heinen’s health and beauty section. It’s as pure today as it was when the Fremont Indians discovered its uses long ago. Discover for yourself the wonderful benefits of Redmond Clay!

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