Dr. Todd and Little Hearts

Doctor, author, professor, scholar – these are all terms that describe the role of Dr. Todd Pesek. The most important role he has, though, is “Dad.”

Todd Pesek, MD, Heinen’s Holistic Physician, is very involved with the health of his family which includes his two young daughters. Raised in the mountains of Appalachia, he hadchildhood adventures in the woods surrounding his home, inspiring Dr. Todd to stay active with his family. It’s not uncommon to find the three of them hiking in the woods, harvesting medicinal plants, wild foods and mushrooms, getting muddy on trails, or even trail-running or cross-country skiing!

Aside from physical activities in nature, the three of them prepare delicious fruit- and vegetable-based dishes together for family meals. The girls love to snack on a bowl of greens while waiting for dad to finish dinner. As a physician, Dr. Todd knows setting a healthy foundation in food and physical activity is necessary to prevent future health issues as the girls get older.

In his medical career, Dr. Todd has worked extensively in numerous countries including Belize, Peru, India, Guatemala, Canada, and Ireland. Seeing many groups of people living strong and vital lives and not expecting heart disease diagnoses, he noticed they all had a simple set of practices in common.toddpic4_300x225

These practices include:
1. Consumption of a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables and Omega-3 fats.
2. Active participation in nature; running, playing, hiking, walking, or simply reading a book under a tree.

When it comes to heart health, Dr. Todd knows that the most important thing that can be done is incorporating Superfoods into your diet. By eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, your body will get all the antioxidants that protect our hearts and cardiovascular systems. This colorful fruit and vegetable diet will also help manage fats, with a focus on heart-healthy Omega-3s and moderate sugars with emphasis on low-glycemic foods (lots of berries – blueberries among the best). This coupled with regular activity, preferably in nature, contributes to overall heart health.

Dr. Todd knows that little hearts matter, too. That is why you’ll find him and his girls hiking regularly (long ones on the weekends) or participating in one of Heinen’s 5 Star Fruit and Veggie festivals where kids can taste recipes loaded with fruits, vegetables, flavor and fun! Find a Fruit and Veggie Festival near you.

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