French Air Shipped Cheeses

Exclusive Airship Cheeses Here for the Holidays

Prepare to impress your guests this holiday season with airship cheeses from France and Italy.  This exclusive Airship Program allows Heinen’s to bring you some of the best cheeses from Europe. Learn about each of these delicious finds to help you select the best cheeses for your holiday cheese boards.

Cheeses from France

Affidelice (Berthaut)
Washed rind cheese made from pasteurized full cream cow’s milk, and matured for 3-4 weeks. During maturation, the cheese is regularly washed with Chablis, a local white wine in the Burgundy region. This washing turns the cheese a deep copper orange. The texture is creamy and dense covered by a soft, moist, orange rind. The cheese is actually mild compared with its cousin Epoisses, although the cheese gives off a strong aroma. Perfectly paired with dry white wines like Chardonnay and of course Chablis.

Rond Des Vignes (Fromagerie Lincet)
Produced in the Burgundy region of France, a small format pasteurized cow’s milk washed rind cheese, Rond des Vignes will ripen quickly to a creamy cheese because of the high rind to paste ratio. Strong aromas of woodland undergrowth.

Pierre Robert (Fromagerie Rouzaire)
This triple crème cheese, invented by Rouzaire, is named after Robert Rouzaire and his friend Pierre. Made in the style of Brillat Savarin but aged a bit longer in their caves (4-5 weeks) to further develop its flavor and become even more meltingly rich in texture. Typically made in a 500 g wheel, this one is only 100 g, a cheese plate friendly size without any waste. Pair this cheese with Champagne, Muscat, or a hearty Stout.

Explorateur Mini (Fromagerie du Petit Morin)
L’Explorateur is a soft-ripened triple crème French cow’s milk cheese. It has a squat cylindrical shape, a smooth unpressed texture and white bloomy rind. It was created in 1950s to honor the first US Satellite – Explorer. As with all triple crème cheeses, it is made by adding extra cream to the fresh curd. Creamy,mushroom, hazelnut like taste.

Carre du Berry (Jacquin)
Produced by Fromagerie Jacquin – a well known goat cheese producer in the Loire Valley of France – Le Carre du Berry is a pasteurized young, fresh goats milk cheese that is covered with a blend of herbs, peppercorns, and juniper berries. Creamy and rich with a tangy finish and nuances of clover, herbs, pines and walnuts.

Cheeses from Italy

Robiola d’Alba (Casificio Longo)
White compact, crumbly and fresh cheese slightly tangy, rindless and with a characteristic round, cylindrical shape. Pasteurized cow’s milk. Excellent
paired with honey or jam.

Rocchetta (Alta Langa)
Slightly soft ripened cheese, made of pasteurized cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, ferments, salt, rennet. Cylinder shaped, light straw yellow color, edible soft and wrinkled rind, weight about 300 g (11 oz). Careful mix of three milks and a short maturation process, producing a robiola style cheese with texture that is reminiscent of fresh goat cheese in the middle/at the core.

Camembert 3 Latti (Alta Langa)
Soft ripened cheese made of a careful mix cow milk, goat milk, sheep mik, ferments, salt, rennet. Cylinder shaped, light straw yellow color, edible tender and wrinkled rind, weight about 250 g. Incredibly decadent and creamy; while the bloomy white rind is the traditional penicilium camemberti, the paste is made from a blend of cow, goat, and sheep milk, each bringing its own character to the cheese.

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