Carnation, Alstromeria & Fern

Floral Fixes for Valentine’s Day

Roses + chocolates = Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple equation that is sure to make someone in your life feel very special. As beautiful as roses are, maybe you’re looking for something a little different this year. You’re in luck, because we have three ideas for you using bouquets from the 3 for $15 section of the Floral Department.

Get inspired & build your own gorgeous floral arrangements! Then share them on social using #HeinensBlooms so we can see what you’ve created.

“Love Story” Bouquet

Carnations, Alstroemeria, and Fern on Heinen's Grocery Bag

What you’ll need:

  • Contrasting floral from 3/$15 bouquets – Red Carnations, White Alstroemeria, & Ferns

"Love Story" Bouquet


Trim the ends of your bouquets to similar heights, then arrange in an alternating pattern. The fullness of the ferns will increase the width of your bouquet, so make sure to display it in a spacious area to truly showcase its beauty.

“Precious Pink” Bouquet

Lily, Carnations, Lysimachia

What you’ll need:

  • Fair pastels flowers with a contrasting color from 3/$15 section – we chose Hybrid Lily, two different Mini Carnations, & Lysimachia

"Precious Pink" Bouquet

Separate the stems of each bouquet and trim the ends as needed, keeping the depth of your desired vase in mind. Have fun arranging the flowers in an eye-catching display and enjoy!

“My Sunshine” Bouquet

"My Sunshine" Bouquet

What you’ll need:

  • Bright flowers from 3/$15 section – we chose Red Daisies
  • One “High & Yellow Magic” Bouquet* or another pre-arranged option

"My Sunshine" Bouquet

Since we’re accenting an already-beautiful bouquet, you’ll still need to separate the stems of each bouquet and trim the ends as needed. Disperse your new addition into the bouquet and gather together in a vase. The hardest part? Deciding where to display the “sunshine.”

*Available while supplies last. 3/$15 selection varies by location.

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