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Free Range Skin Care

Free Range Skin Care LogoThroughout time and despite the ups and downs, eggs have endured only to emerge in a new market. The skin care market. And I know it may sound “egg-streme,” but eggs have shown to be beneficial beyond consumption. Tighter skin, hydrated skin and smaller pores are all a possible benefit to using eggs topically. This is because the proteins and lipids in eggs penetrate the top layer of skin to reach their target tissue. Egg whites make a great cleanser and exfoliator and may tighten the skin while egg yolks feed and moisturize. Eggs also contain vitamins A and E, both of which are great antioxidants to fight off free radicals who wreak havoc and are the driving force in the aging process. Essential fatty acids in egg also work to boost hydration of the skin by supporting its natural oil barrier and locking in moisture. This gives your skin a little plump to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Eggs are having their day in the skin care market and we are “egg-cited” (last one – I promise) to announce that we found a local, fourth-generation soap artisan creating all-natural soaps, lotions and creams made with free-range chicken eggs!

Sandra Bontempo, founder of Free Range Skin Care and local mother of three quickly realized she had some challenges to overcome when her son was born with pet allergies, food allergies and eczema. She did not have the luxury of purchasing over-the-counter skin care essentials and knew she had to find a better solution. As a fourth-generation soap artisan, Sandra took her background in chemistry; hearkened the words and recipes of her grandmother, and set out to formulate products that would help heal her son’s skin conditions without having to resort to steroids and chemical laden creams. Sandra and her family live in Lake County where, in a free-range environment, she raises the hardest working employees around – her 12 chickens. Having visited Sandra, trust me when I tell you that her chickens are the most lovingly cared for “staff” of chickens you’ll ever meet!

Made with pure, sustainable ingredients, Free Range Skin Care products feed your skin to ensure you thrive in the best version of yourself possible. Visit our natural health and beauty section to find Free Range soaps, lotion, body butters and eczema cream today!

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  1. Megan,
    Thank you so much for offering Free Range products. My entire family loves the way the lotion and toning cream melts into your skin without any greasy film. Best of all is NO chemicals!
    Finally, the charcoal cleansing bar is amazing. People need to try it to feel the difference.
    Kind Regards,

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