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Fresh from the Farm: Locally Grown Farm Report

Summer is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited! We love the warmer months for so many reasons: picnics, gatherings, vacations, and an abundance of locally grown produce! This time of year brings so much fresh-off-the-farm goodness that your Heinen’s Produce Department is practically transformed into a local Farmer’s Market thanks to our close relationships with Ohio and Illinois farmers. This week brings cabbages, yellow squash and beets, while leafy greens are still going strong, and beans are on their way.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s available from these and other farms as the season goes on with your Locally Grown Farm Report! (Availability may vary from store to store.)

Here’s what’s available now from our local growers:

Alfalfa sproutsCleveland Bean Sprout

Cleveland, Ohio

Available Now: Alfalfa Sprouts l Bean sprouts l Broccoli sprouts l Spicy sprouts

Yellow squashKeim’s Produce

Homerville, Ohio

Available Now: Yellow Squash l Zucchini l Golden Zucchini l Snap Peas l English Peas l Pickles l Cucumber l Candy Onion

ChivesGreat Lakes Growers

Burton, Ohio

Available Now: Chives l Marjoram l Oregano l Rosemary l Sage l Thyme l Watercress l Living Boston Lettuce

Red and Green Leaf LettuceJon’s Organics Farm & Produce

Ravenna, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Organic Romaine l Organic Red Boston Lettuce

ZuchinniGreenfield Farms Organic

Fredericksburg, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Kale l Organic Zucchini l Organic Yellow Squash l Organic Beets l Organic Lacinato Kale l Organic Cabbage

RadishesZellers Farms

Hartville, Ohio

Available Now: Boston & Bibb Lettuces l Beets l Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Romaine l Radishes l Endive l Escarole l Green Onions l Cilantro l Baby Dill l Curly & Plain Parsleys

CabbagesMichaels Farm

Urbana, Ohio

Arriving Soon: Cabbage l Beans


Lake Zurich, Illinois

Available Now: Microgreens

Peas in the shellPolter’s Farm

Fremont, Ohio

Arriving Soon: Shelled Peas



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