Sprouted Lentils

Grow a Garden in 4 Days!

At a recent 5 Star Dinner Event, a group of eager healthy eaters sampled and learned about healthy foods from with the characters “So Sweet Potato” and “Go-Go Garbanzo” and learned grow their own personal garden.

I told the group of enthusiastic gardeners that after just four days they would enjoy delicious produce fresh from their garden.  How could I promise that?  Come along as we plant our garden and gather our harvest!

Sprouted LentilsWe created simple sprout–houses fashioned from paper grocery bags to hold wide mouthed mason jars that would grow our gardens.

One fourth cup of lentils is poured in the jar, the jar is filled with water and then cheesecloth is fastened over the opening with a brass band.  It is allowed to sit undisturbed overnight inside the dark bag until morning when it is drained.

This little garden is tended by subsequently rinsing, draining and returning to the dark bag at breakfast, afternoon, and before bedtime for 3 consecutive days. By the third day, a white root and tender stalk have emerged and are each as long as the seed.  This process, called germination, is no mean feat.  Water softens the seed’s outer coat and liquefies the contents so the growing plant can use the stored energy.

Sprouted lentils are an easy way to provide balanced proteins and tender greens. Released oxygen enables chemical changes to occur.  And by the third day when the plant is exposed to light on a sunny windowsill, our jar garden is full of vibrant chlorophyll- green plants ready to harvest.

Temperature, moisture, oxygen and light requirements are met in our homes and lentils, already a significant source of protein, when sprouted are transformed into a more digestible food richer in Vitamin C, E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Niacin!

Tucked into wraps, sprinkled  on soups or salads, or added at the last minute to an omelet or smoothie, this superfood is an excellent addition to our meals….out of the blazing sun without any weeding…What a garden!

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