Honey Sweet Onions

Not Your Average Onion – HoneySweet Onions

Peel back the layers of the most “eatable” onion available anywhere: HoneySweet® Onions from our friends at Little Bear Produce. This mild-to-the-taste, sweet onion alternative is for just the thing for any cook to have on hand and makes an excellent addition to any recipe. In the 5th generation of planting, the delicious HoneySweet® Onion is making quite a name for itself with its sweet, eatable qualities and they’re now available at Heinen’s.

HoneySweet OnionsLittle Bear closely supervises the growing, harvesting and packaging of HoneySweet® onions to ensure that only the highest quality, best tasting onions arrive at your dinner table. Each and every onion is held to the highest standards and carefully evaluated to ensure:

  • Ideal size and shape of each onion
  • A light, bright yellow color with a fresh appearance
  • Onions free of skin damage and stains
  • Each onion has been properly cured
  • A sweet, mild flavor

To ensure the most mild and sweet tasting onions available, Little Bear Produce has partnered with National Onion Labs, Inc. and Texas A&M University to continually test the natural pyruvic acid in their HoneySweet® Onions. Measuring the pyruvic acid in an onion determines how sweet or spicy the onion will taste. While a typical onion has a pungency level of around 5, HoneySweet® Onions consistently rate with a pungency level of 3.5 or less.

In fact, early testing on the latest generation of HoneySweet® Onions are now showing pungency levels of 2.5 or less. This means that no matter what, HoneySweet® onions are the most mild and delicious onions available today.

HoneySweet® Onions are grown across 5 different growing regions making them available at Heinen’s year-round. So don’t worry, there will be plenty of these perfectly sweet onions ready for all your favorite dishes.

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