BackAttack Snacks Four Almond Varieties
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Introducing: Backattack Snacks’ Almonds

Get to know the winner of our second annual Heinen’s SharkBank Competition: Backattack Snack Almonds.

In addition to their flavorful Original Recipe Almonds, check out their other unique varieties:

  • Chocolate Firecrackers – Mixed with raw cacao, honey, pink Himalayan sea salt & cayenne pepper.
  • Sweet Stingers – Featuring the tasty combo of cayenne pepper and local honey.
  • Wasabi Ginger – A popular flavor that pairs wasabi (mild) and ginger.

What is the SharkBank Competition?

We are all about supporting locally made products, so we asked local food producers to enter this competition for a chance to win a spot for their product on the shelves of our Heinen’s Stores across Northeast Ohio.

Our judges selected 10 finalists who then presented their products to the people in an effort to garner votes. The final four products were painstakingly tasted and analyzed by a panel of Heinen’s judges who crowned the second SharkBank winner.

Heinen's SharkBank Winners
Lauren and Brian Back react to being named the winners of Heinen’s 2nd Annual SharkBank Competition.

The Making of Backattack Snacks

Brian & Lauren Back use minimal ingredients for maximum flavor and their mission statement supports that belief: “You should never need a PhD in Chemistry to know what you’re eating.”

It all began as a hobby for Brian. He’s a crossfit coach and, when his gym hosted a 30-day nutritional challenge, he could not find healthy snacks that he liked. So he started making his own beef jerky at home, only to end up with leftover marinade.

Prior to becoming a crossfit coach, Brian was a chef in Dayton, Ohio. In that role he used almonds and nuts to change the texture and flavor of dishes.

He once again turned to almonds, but this time he was marinating and roasting them. With that, Backattack Snacks’ Original Recipe Almonds were created.

Photo by Rachel Good Photography

Inspiration & Creation

“I think of food all day long,” Brian said. He credits stress for the development of Backattack’s three other distinct flavors.

“When he’s frustrated his culinary genius comes out. In other words, I should make him frustrated more often,” Lauren joked.

The two create their almonds out of the Cleveland Culinary Launch and Kitchen and were encouraged to enter the SharkBank competition in its inaugural year. At the time they only had two flavors and reentered this year with a more robust line.

Giving Back

In addition to producing the almonds themselves, the business is personal for the couple in that it allows them to spread awareness of ARVD/C. Lauren was diagnosed with the genetic, progressive heart condition and has visited Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. The institution is leading research on the disease and portions of Backattack Snacks’ sales help provide funds.


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