Fall Squash

It’s Squash Season!

Now that fall is in full swing, let’s talk squash. Heinen’s has at least 10 types of squash, so I’m confident you’ll find the perfect squash for your needs. Don’t forget to purchase extras to use as great fall decorations!

Butternut squash is by far the most popular and probably most well-known variety in the squash family. It’s truly an all-purpose squash that you can use for anything. I like to shred and sauté my butternut squash in butter and brown sugar for a tasty side dish. You could also sauté it with olive oil and garlic and use in an omelet for a fall twist.

The Cinderella pumpkin is a bit flat with a sweet pumpkin taste. A super way to use the Cinderella is to scoop out the seeds and bake it, and use the shell as a soup holder for a dinner party. Your soup will get a nice pumpkin taste, plus it will impress your guests! You really could do this with any pumpkin that has a flatter base, and a small one is the perfect size for an individual bowl with a festive look.

Buttercup squash has a strong pumpkin taste, so that’s the one to use if you’d like a stronger flavor of pumpkin. It’s also good simply roasted with other veggies.

My favorite squash is Sweet Dumpling. It resembles an acorn squash and has a really nice decorative yellow and green skin. The taste is similar to that of an acorn squash, but the Sweet Dumpling has a higher sugar content, resulting in a brown sugar flavor. I simply cut it into bite size pieces and roast it with other vegetables I have on hand at 450 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Carnival squash is similar to Sweet Dumpling. The thin skin is edible and will easily slide off after baking.

Stop by the Produce Department and let us know your favorite ways to prepare these fall favorites!

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