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Local Peaches. Local Perfection.

The season for Ohio and Illinois grown peaches is finally here and we’re bringing the very best of the orchards right to you everyday at Heinen’s. This summer, after back-to-back years of sparse availability due to severely cold winters and frost damage, the resilient mid-west peach crop is once again thriving thanks to a mild winter and recent stretches of warm days and abundant sunshine.

Peaches on Tree

We carefully source our peaches through long-standing relationships with trusted family farmers, many of whom bring generations of experience in growing premium fruit. We can safely say that our local peach supply is truly the top-of-the-crop. Learn more about the farms and farmers that bring us this amazing locally grown stonefruit.

We Know Our Sources

Eckert Orchards

-Belleville, Illinois

For over 120 years the Eckert Family has been proudly harvesting premium fruit from trees rooted in the Illinois soil where they’ve been thriving for more than a century. Proud of their heritage and diligent stewards of the land, the Eckert family has cultivated and preserved their pristine orchards for seven generations. Today, with the sixth and seventh generations of the Eckert Family at the helm, Eckert’s Orchards are producing top quality fruit with unmatched taste. Look for Eckert’s peaches in our Chicago, Illinois area stores.

Peace Valley Orchards

-Rogers, Ohio

In 1948, Daniel J. Simmons, his wife Anna and three sons Dan, Don and Ralph purchased and began farming a 117 acre fruit orchard in Rogers, Ohio. The family worked tirelessly for many years in order to bring the orchard into growing order and haven’t looked back. Since those days, the orchards have more than doubled in size to include over 300 acres of fruit trees including and produce some of the best tasting Ohio peaches available anywhere. The orchards are maintained and watched over to this day by the third generation of the Simmons family with the same goal in mind, growing responsible and great tasting fruit right here in Ohio. Available in our Cleveland, Ohio area stores.

Choose the Perfect Peach

Our local tree-ripened peaches are ready to enjoy and great for summertime pies, cobblers, shortcakes or eating right out of your hand. Here are some tips for picking the perfect peaches and keeping them nice and ripe for maximum enjoyment.

Selecting:Woman Choosing Peach

Look for peaches that are slightly firm and plump and yield ever-so-slightly to gentle pressure. The blush of the peach is a great indicator of the variety of peach, but not necessarily an indicator of its ripening status. Tree-ripened peaches often require additional ripening after they leave our stores to increase their softness and juiciness. To perfectly ripen your peaches, place the fruit in a paper bag and set a room temperature for 1 – 3 days.


Peaches that haven’t been allowed to fully ripen shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator as this will inhibit ripening and cause the fruit to become dry, mealy, and flavorless. Ripen the fruit at room temperature and then refrigerated for up to 5 to 7 days.

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