Rhodes Farm Ohio Strawberries

Locally Grown Strawberries!


Fremont, OH

There is something so special and unique about Ohio grown strawberries, maybe it’s the great texture, the extra sweet flavor or maybe it’s knowing that the fruit you’re enjoying is as fresh as it gets. From early in the winter months our buyers have been in contact with the farmers at Polter’s Berry Farm working hard to deliver only the freshest crop of strawberries directly to you and your family.


For the Polter family, berry farming has been in the blood since they began growing in 1975. After graduation from The Ohio State University, Dan and Carol Polter began the farming operation on just over 40 acres. Over the years, the farm has grown steadily from that original 40 acres to its current acreage of around 2000. The Polter boys, Tony and Steve have both returned to the farm following their graduation from The Ohio State University and now handle farm operations and sales.

The Polter family and everyone at Polter’s Berry Farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality fruit you’ll ever eat. For a short time, you can find Polter’s Strawberries at your favorite Heinen’s store.

Pick the perfect berries…

Locally Grown Ohio Strawberries
Fresh, Locally Grown Strawberries are a sure sign that summer is just about here. Look for strawberries that are bright red, avoid berries that are orange in color. The best berries are those that are fully red, berries that have white shoulders or white color around the cap will have altered taste. A true test of great strawberries to give them a smell, if they have an apparent sweet strawberry smell, they are fresh and ready to eat.

All you need to do is rinse and remove the cap, slice them for fruit salad, use as a an ice cream or waffle topper.


  1. Please put a Heinen’s in Dayton. Dorothy Lane Market here is pretty to look at but has awful prepared foods. They are all laden with sugar, even the deviled eggs! Yikes! Not very sophisticated….

    1. Hi Claire – We’re always open to finding new locations, though many things have to align before a new store happens. We’re more than happy to pass your request along to the appropriate parties. Thank you for reaching out to us!

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