National Beer Day Picks

National Beer day is here and it’s a great time of year to shop a variety of beer styles. Spring is in the air and the summer beers are already hitting the shelves, can you believe that? That being said, we still have some cooler days ahead that make a Stout or Porter seem really appealing; although I will always argue that they should be enjoyed no matter the season. You can always crank the a/c down in the middle of summer to make the perfect stout drinking environment! In any case, National Beer Day is upon us and I want to share a few of my favorites that I highly recommend.



Bells Oberon

This is a classic summer wheat Ale that has great body and tons of flavor. 5.8% ABV



Founders All Day IPA

This session IPA has the perfect mix of malt, grains and hops. So good you’ll want more than one, and you’ll be able to at under 5% ABV



Not Your Father’s Root Beer

This stuff is just Crazy good. If you like Root Beer then you will love this! This is an actual Ale brewed with unique spices. 5.9% ABV


Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

This is a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale. Complex, tasty and one of the best examples of a domestic Belgian Style out there! 8.5% ABV


Sierra Nevada Hoptimum IPA

Aggressively hopped, 100 IBU Imperial IPA. It’s just awesome because it’s Sierra Nevada and super hoppy, no other reason needed. 10.4% ABV

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