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New at Heinen’s: April 2017

With warmer weather approaching, we have a number of cold treats that we’ve added to your Heinen’s shelves. April also brought us delicious new frozen food, wellness items, dairy finds, and products that would make a great addition to upcoming cookouts. Take a look at the new items we are now able to offer at your Heinen’s. Can’t find a product in store? Talk to a Heinen’s Associate about ordering it for your next visit.

1. Nutrition Bars
Looking for a healthy breakfast or snack? Heinen’s Wellness Departments have new lines of nutrition bars including Rise Protein Bars, Soul Sprout Nut Bars, Health Warrior Chia Bars and Raw Revolution GLO Bars. Pick some up and give them a try. Assorted varieties.

2. Humm Kombucha
What makes Humm Kombucha special? Humm has been testing flavor combinations to make kombucha more palatable for consumers, yet still packed with organic acids, B-vitamins, and helpful bacteria that help us maintain healthy intestines. Try each flavor and choose your favorite! Assorted varieties.

3. Spoon Blossoms Spreadable Edible Butter Petals
Why not have butter that looks as good as it tastes? Each Spoon Blossom is handcrafted with real butter. The floral design will make a nice addition to your table, and all guests are sure to enjoy the delicious, one of a kind butter. In the Dairy Dept.

4. Wildscape*
Looking for an easy lunch or dinner solution, but in search of something more than your typical frozen meal? Give Wildscape a try! With balanced flavors and textures, all four flavors make for a delicious, easy meal in just minutes. In the Frozen Food Dept.

5. Chill Pops*
A satisfying snack without the guilt. Chill Pops are made in Cleveland with fresh, natural ingredients, sourcing local and organic produce whenever possible. Give all six flavors a try. Assorted varieties. In the Frozen Food Dept.

6. Long Grove Confectionery Chocolates**
Chicago’s favorite hand crafted chocolates since 1975 are now available at your local Heinen’s! These chocolates make the perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues. Assorted varieties.

7. New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk
Looking for clean, organic almond milk that tasted great and only uses four simple, quality ingredients? New Barn is the answer for you. In the Dairy Dept.

8. Willy’s Fresh Salsa
Using the freshest quality ingredients, Willy’s Salsa is a nutritious, quality fresh salsa. There’s a flavor for everyone, so give them a try. In the Deli Refrigerated Case.

9. Heinen’s Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns
The weather is getting nice and cookout season is about to begin! Pick up Heinen’s new Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns for your favorite on-the-grill meat.

10. New Ice Creams
Heinen’s has new ice creams you to enjoy! Try Blue Marble Organic Pints or Enlightened Ice Cream that’s high in protein and fiber but low in sugar and fat. Or give Arctic Zero a try, it’s a guilt-free ice cream treat! Find these new items in the Frozen Foods Dept.

*Only available in Cleveland stores.
**Only available in Chicago stores.

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