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New at Heinen’s: August and September 2017

We think it’s fun to try new things and encourage you to do so, too!  Check out these great new items that we are now able to offer at your Heinen’s. Share your favorite new finds on social media using #HeinensCan’t find a product in store? Talk to a Heinen’s Associate about ordering it for your next visit.

1. Beetology Juice
Nutrient-dense and full of flavor, Beetology Juice tastes great and leaves you feeling better. Artistically created to be healthy and delicious, these juices combine the flavors of organically grown beets and fruits. Available in Beet+Berry, Beet+Veggie, Beet+Lemon+Ginger and Beet+Cherry. In the Refrigerated Dairy Case.

2. GoAvo Avocado Spread
Tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly, GoAvo Avocado Spreads are a new go-to condiment. Free of soy, GMOs and artificial preservatives, these vegan-friendly spreads are the perfect addition to burgers, salads and pastas. Available in Original and Jalapeño. In the Dairy Dept.

3. Primal Kitchen
Dress up your salads with delicious dressings, vinegars and vinaigrettes from Primal Kitchen. Each bottle is packed full of healthy natural fats, superfoods, antioxidant-rich herbs and spices. These products have no synthetic vegetable or seed oils, artificial colors, flavors or fillers. In the Grocery Dept. Available in Green Goddess, Caesar, Ranch Avocado Oil, Honey Mustard Avocado Oil and Greek Avocado Oil.

4. Teta Foods
Enjoy gourmet flavors in a bottle with Teta Foods. Low in calories and simple to use, these dressings, marinades and spreads make the perfect addition to your next meal. In the Grocery Dept. Available in Salad Fattoush Dressing,Tahini Dressing, Shish Tawook Marinade, Shawarma Marinade and Garlic Spread & Dip.

5. True Story Organic Hickory Smoked Bacon
This smokey flavored bacon is one that you will want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. True Story raises healthy animals, supports family farms and works in environmentally friendly ways to expand everyone’s access to great quality foods. This flavorful bacon is one that everyone around the table will love. In the Meat Dept.

6. Nutpods Creamers
Rich, whole and creamy, you would never know that this is a dairy-free coffee creamer. Developed so you can choose the sweetness, Nut Pods Creamer is the new alternative to half and half. Containing zero sweeteners, no GMOs, soy, carrageenan or artificial flavors, this is the perfect addition to your favorite coffee. In the Dairy Dept.

7. Califa Farms Almond Milk
Good for you and the world, you will love the various flavors of Califa Farms Almond Milk. Using unique ingredients to create an all natural, GMO- free flavor, this tasty almond milk will please your body and your taste buds. Find it in the Dairy Dept.

8. Brooklyn Hot Dog
You don’t have to travel to enjoy the taste of a classic New York hot dog. Created by Brooklyn natives, these hot dogs are designed to have authentic flavor.
Not only do they taste great but they’re also healthy. Brooklyn Hot Dog Company uses only quality, antibiotic-free meats. In the Meat Dept.

9. Heinen’s Cold Pressed Juices
Enjoy a refreshing beverage made specifically with Heinen’s shoppers in mind.Introducing Heinen’s new Cold Pressed Juices, a healthy beverage full of fruit and veggie flavors that will keep you feeling refreshed and energized. Try all of the tasty varieties and pick your favorite.

10. Blueberry Multigrain and Sweet Potato Breads
Bring the delicious flavors of a European-style bakery into your home with these tasty artisan breads. For a healthier option, try the Blueberry Multigrain or, for a touch of sweetness, try the richly colored Sweet Potato variety. Each slice will taste as if it just came out of an oven.

11. Salsa God Salsas
Bring the tasty flavors of restaurant-style salsa into your own home with Salsa God.Never watered down and containing zero preservatives, these fresh salsas and salsa verdes are the perfect pair for your favorite dippable chips.

12. Organic Dried Fruits
Everyone wants to satisfy their sweet tooth while also being healthy. These dried fruits from Natierra, Mavuno Harvest, Made In Nature and Stoneridge give you both of those benefits. Each brand offers a large selection of all organic dried fruits. Try all of the new items recently added to our dried fruit section and snack on something sweet and healthy.

13. Hummustir
Hummus tastes better without the hassle of prepping the ingredients. This is the philosophy of Hummustir. Each organic variety comes with a pouch of chickpea puree, tahini, spice packets, and a wooden stirrer. Perfect for camping and road trips, this shelf-stable hummus is an easy on-the-go snack.

14. Teas Tea Cold Brew
Teas Tea is redefining “less is more.” With the belief that great flavor comes from using fewer ingredients, Teas Tea brews their refreshing drinks with only water, whole tea leaves, essentials ingredients and natural flavors.

15. Cigar City Smoked Salsa
Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, this salsa is guaranteed to be fresh. The hickory smoked fruit and vegetable flavors of this salsa are the perfect complement to chips, eggs, fish, meat or veggies.

16. Matcha Love Teas
Taste the freshness of a drink made from 100% Japanese green tea. Energizing and vibrant, Matcha Love ensures that each bottle of their green tea is natural, healthy, safe, delicious, and well-designed.

17. Drink Waters
Tapped from maple trees in Vermont, Drink Waters’ maple water is full of great tasting health benefits. Non-GMO verified, this refreshing drink contains natural electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prebiotics. With half the sugar of coconut water and more manganese than a cup of kale, this water is worth trying.

18. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth
Power your body and your mind with Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth. The flavors of these whole food nutritional products are designed to enhance health, strength and vitality in a convenient and modern way


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