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New at Heinen’s: December 2016

Visits to your Heinen’s often become routine trips. Whether you have a written list or you’ve committed it to memory, you know what you plan to purchase when you enter the store. That standard may mean your brain is glossing over great new additions on our shelves*. We’ve had some requests to highlight what’s new and, while you may be receiving this information via our Tasteful Rewards emails, you can expect a monthly recap in 2017. Here’s what we added in December 2016:


1. Heinen’s Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice
A wonderful gluten-free and grain-free alternative to rice, Heinen’s Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice is ready for an easy to prepare dinner. Find it in the refrigerated produce case.

2. Himalaya Herbal Supplements
Are you getting all the essential nutrients to maintain and improve your health? Himalaya is a worldwide pioneer in herbal healthcare. These pure and safe herbal supplements are based on extensive scientific validation and stringent quality controls.

3. Old City Soda
Fresh-from-market, pressed by hand, carefully mixed and carbonated, then bottled in small batches. Locally produced, Old City Soda is now shelf stable. Find it in the Grocery Dept. Cleveland area Heinen’s only.

4. Banza Chickpea Pasta and Mac and Cheese
With more protein, fiber and fewer carbs, non-GMO Banza Chickpea pasta and Mac and Cheese is a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes. Give this new product a try!

5. Heinen’s Dried Organic Beans
Nutritious and delicious, Heinen’s Dried Organic Beans are a great staple to have on hand. Give them a try. Assorted varieties. 

6. Two Brothers Limited Edition Coffees
These coffees are considered best in class, each achieving a minimum 90 pt. cupping rating using the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s cupping standards. Due to the very limited supply of these unique coffees, we will be offering select seasonal varieties that will change quarterly. Learn more about the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona Extra Fancy Coffee Beans.

7. Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients
Give your body the nutritional boost it craves with Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients. Talk to your Wellness Consultant to learn more about this new product. Assorted varieties. 

8. Follow Your Heart Cheese Slices & Salad Dressing
New vegan cheese slices and salad dressings from Follow Your Heart are now available at Heinen’s. Find them in the refrigerated Produce Case or Dairy Dept. 

9. EverCrisp Apples
Named for lasting an extended period of time unrefrigerated, this apple is great to have on hand. A cross between a Fuji and Honeycrisp, you haven’t tried an apple as sweet, juicy and crunchy as the EverCrisp. Find them in our Produce Dept. Currently exclusive to Heinen’s in your area.

*Availability may vary by store. Please consult a Heinen’s Associate if you cannot locate a product.

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