Heinen's Essential Oils with Diffuser

New at Heinen’s: January 2017

New year, new products at your Heinen’s! Along with our recently introduced line of Essential Oils, we’ve added great sodas, cookies, and other tasty fare. While you may have been notified of these additions in our Tasteful Rewards emails, here’s a recap of what we added to our shelves* this month:

1. Heinen’s Essential Oils
Essential oils are distilled and concentrated natural compounds from plants, trees, resin and roots. Dilute them with water and diffuse them for an inviting atmosphere in your home, or use them in your cleaning products. There are endless opportunities to use essential oils. Talk to your Heinen’s Wellness Consultant to learn more!

2. Wella Bar
Nutrient rich and super satisfying, the Wella Bar is a fresher way to snack. These nut-based protein bars are made to enjoy on the go.

3. Norka Soda
Looking for a better soda? Norka, a local Akron, Ohio company produces great tasting sodas that are better for you. Made with pure cane sugar, 100% natural flavors and caffeine- and gluten-free, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy this new product.

4. Sabine’s Baguette Crisps
Looking for a healthy treat or a snack to tide you over? Sabine’s Baguette Crisps have you covered. Paired with cheese, salsa, hummus, or any dip you choose, these artisan baguettes are double baked and are certified Kosher and vegetarian. Many varieties are vegan too! Pick them up to try something new.

5. Caruso’s Soda
The fourth-generation brewers at Caruso’s Soda know how to make a great tasting pop. Made from ingredients that are all locally sourced, you’ll taste the difference in this new product. Try all four flavors!

6. Annie’s Homegrown Cookies
Looking for a wholesome treat to round out your lunch or have on hand as a quick, sweet snack? Annie’s now has Homegrown Cookies that don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives like in other packaged cookies. Enjoy a package of these pantry-ready cookies!

7. Michel et Augustin Cookies
Made for travel, these tasty, but healthy cookies are ready to go wherever you go. Made from simple, quality ingredients like real butter, fresh eggs, and quality cacao you’ll taste the difference in these decadent desserts!

8. Detox Water
Each bottle contains aloe, electrolytes, and Vitamins B and C to enhance your hydration efforts. What doesn’t it have? Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

*Availability may vary by store. Please consult a Heinen’s Associate if you cannot locate a product.

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