Everton cheese with a cheese knife

New Cheese? Yes, Please!

Spring has sprung and the changing of the seasons means we have “new” on the mind. New flowers are growing, new clothing styles are in stores, and no less important—new cheese is at your Heinen’s.

With that, we are proud to introduce two new additions making a debut in our Gourmet Cheese Case this spring:

Everton by Jacobs & Brichford

Everton is a five-month-aged, Alpine style cheese that’s sharper than a gruyere. With strong grassy notes, it’s reminiscent of the pastures on which the milk cows had grazed, and retains a distinct meaty depth to the flavor, even after melted. Ideal for fondue due to its meltability, it also pairs well with smoked salmon and fresh greens.

Pairing suggestion: Try it with a white wine, like Giesen Sauvignon Blanc.

Trillium cheese wedges

Trillium by Tulip Tree Creamery

Triple-cream Trillium features rich, smooth flavors and gentle lactic tones. Try swapping out French classics like Camembert and Brie with Trillium. Hailing from Indianapolis, Trillium was a 2017 Good Food Award Winner, as well as a 2016 Midwest Dairy Competition Blue Ribbon Winner.

Pairing suggestion: Try it served with Savas Rosé.

Can’t get enough cheese?

Try out these options, both of which recently won awards at the World Cheese Championships in Madison, Wisconsin.

*Two Brothers Colby Cheese (created with our partner Arena Cheese) received its 3rd Gold Medal. Find it in the Deli Case.

*Cleveland-based MacKenzie Creamery won Best in Class for its Cognac Fig Chèvre and Second Place for its Apricot Ginger Chèvre. Find both in the Heinen’s Gourmet Cheese case.

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