Grilled Cobia

From the Open Blue: Fresh Cobia in the Seafood Department

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever tire of fresh salmon, our premium Heinen’s Own Shrimp that’s steamed fresh throughout the day or fresh Lake Erie delights like perch and walleye. But, while these mainstays grace our plates often, we’ve discovered something new that we think deserves a place on everyone’s plate: Open Blue™ Cobia.

You might be wondering, “What’s Cobia?”, and that’s ok. If you haven’t yet heard of or eaten our fresh Cobia, here’s a quick run-down of what you need know:

  • Cobia is also known as black kingfish, black salmon, kuro kampachi, ling or lemonfish.
  • This sought-after whitefish is free of artificial contaminants, hormones and pesticides.
  • Open Blue™ Cobia is naturally high in protein and contains nearly twice the amount of heart-healthy omega-3’s as farmed Atlantic salmon.
  • When you enjoy Open Blue™ Cobia you can expect a delicate buttery flavor with firm, meaty texture that is often compared to swordfish or Chilean Sea Bass.

Responsibly raised in the pristine open, blue Caribbean waters seven miles off the coast of Panama, Open Blue™ Cobia is not only delicious and a versatile culinary ingredient but a purely sustainable seafood choice that’s raised with the health of the oceans and consumers in mind.

Pan Seared Cobia

Utilizing innovative technology and aquaculture practices in the very waters where Cobia are naturally found, Open Blue™ raises healthy and delicious Cobia in a way that protects the ocean, the fish and those who enjoy it. This fully vertically integrated process, from hatching to harvesting and distribution allows for total control of quality and safety resulting in pure, healthy and great tasting seafood on your plate.

Open Blue™ hatches Cobia in a state-of-the-art hatchery and raises the fish in custom-designed, submersible pens in the clean and pure waters of the open ocean. The Cobia spend their days swimming peacefully through high-energy currents and because they’re raised in open ocean waters, they never see the same water twice. This as-close-to-natural environment minimizes any risk of disease and in-turn leaves no traceable impact on surrounding ecosystems. The same cannot be said for many commercial fish farms.

The Cobia consume a strictly monitored and highly nutritious diet that is as close to the natural diet that would be consumed in the wild. This consistent, nurturing diet consists of fishmeal, fish oil, plant proteins and essential vitamins and minerals. No GMO’s, hormones, colorants pesticides or prophylactic antibiotics are ever used in the food.

A dedication to nourishing current and future generations in harmony with our oceans is what drives Open Blue™ to produce this sustainable, versatile and great tasting seafood for all to enjoy.

Stop your your local Heinen’s Seafood Department Today and take home some fresh, great tasting Open Blue™ Cobia and let us know what you think.

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