Packing Healthy Lunches 101

It’s back to school time! Back to earlier wake up times and more structured schedules.

The key to getting out of the house with a balanced lunch in tow is planning. Here are some well-tested tips for delicious and nutritious lunch.

1. Prepare nonperishable snacks for the week. Pretzels, flax crackers, and rice crackers can be placed into Ziploc bags or mini reusable containers for easy grabbing. Make extra to be tossed into backpacks for after school activities.
2. Pack lunches while preparing dinner. You are chopping veggies anyway, so cut extra for veggie wrap on sprouted tortillas. Leftover protein such as chicken or salmon is perfect on a bed of field greens.
3. Recreate the PB&J. Use some Nut butter spreads or almond butter with a low sugar spread on top of a sprouted grain bread. Cookie cutters create fun shapes. You can freeze these sandwiches for future use.
4. Arrange your child’s veggies and fruits into butterflies or caterpillars. Kids love veggie kabobs, too.
5. Sprouted blue corn chips and salsa is a winner. Show your child how to use a butter knife to cut the top of an avocado and gently squeeze the pit to the top. The child can then scoop the avocado out with carrot sticks.
6. Tortillas with some leftover pasta sauce and a dash of cheese make a great pizza.
7. Use an apple slicer to slice and core an apple. Then place a rubber band around the entire apple, core and all. The apple will not brown. This tip is perfect for students with braces!
8. Place a clean, frozen sponge into a plastic bag to keep the lunch fresh.
9. Little notes and stickers always put a smile on kids face, especially on test day!
10. Instead of juice boxes, water is always a great choice of beverages.

Best of luck to parents and students on another school year. Your Heinen’s Wellness Consultants are here to support you and your family!

Margie Jones, Wellness Consultant, Twinsburg

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