Seafood Direct Overnight

If you enjoy fresh seafood, Heinen’s Seafood Department is the place for you!

Did you know Heinen’s gets deliveries of fresh fish six days a week? As Heinen’s seafood buyer, Marty Gaul is always in close contact with our fish and seafood vendors to ensure that only the best quality and freshest seafood make it into our cases.

Our fishermen call us to report the day’s catch as their boat pulls in. We make our selections and the fish reaches our stores the next day! We know where our seafood comes from and our suppliers. The result is the freshest, best-tasting fish out there.

Need help choosing the perfect catch for dinner? Ask your seafood associate for their recommendation of the day. All Heinen’s seafood associates are experts and will give you great tips and recipes for preparing any of the seafood in our cases. Our associates can also special order any seafood for you and have it delivered to Cleveland and Chicago stores.

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We're Heinen's Grocery Stores, a Cleveland, OH based family-owned grocery store established in 1929. Our 22 store locations serve the Northeast Ohio and Greater Chicago Areas. We're focused on quality meats, fresh market produce and superior customer service. We make grocery shopping something to smile about.


  1. Do you have Kraft 2 percent cheddar cheese? that along with skim milk provide needed calcium in the diet. Marilyn Olney retired registered dietitian

    1. Hello Marilyn – Yes, we do carry Kraft’s 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices. Is there a particular store you’re looking to purchase them via so that we can verify availability? Thank you for reaching out to us.

  2. I look forward to my shopping experience at your Brecksville store..I’m there at least every other day. The fact that your personnel are always so friendly…and I can buy small portions…no matter if it’s fish, meat, bakery, prepared foods…Many of us are cooking for one…and this feature is most important. Flower selection is wonderful…just wandering through that area makes us feel happy. Thank you. My only caution is sometimes the store is so cold…so I just layer up and wear my gloves..Thanks also for loading our car when we have heavy packages. Now…I’m off to Heinen’s …need to get some supper items. P

    1. Good morning Patricia – Thank you for the kind words & for shopping with us. We’ve passed that feedback along to the store manager at our Brecksville location. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Your seafood is great. I buy a lot of fish. I really like your Avon store for fish. The woman behind the counter really knows her product. It’s always
    very fresh. You know when fish is fresh, when it has no odor.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Estelle. We’ll pass that feedback along to the appropriate parties here. Thanks for shopping with us!

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