Searching for Great Wine

Traveling in search of great wine is an exciting perk of the wine buying experience. Once or twice a year, our wine buying team is afforded the unique opportunity to board an airplane bound for some of the greatest wine producing regions on the globe. Along the way, I’m not only seeking out great wine but looking for ways to create lasting relationships with winemakers and wineries around the world.

Most recently, our travels took us to France and two of the premier wine producing regions in the world: Burgundy and Bordeaux.

The goal of this trip, as with all our trips, was to create and cultivate the personal and face-to-face relationships with winemakers and wineries that allow us to secure the best values in French wine and bring those wines back to our stores for our customers. These are kinds of relationships that just can’t be made over the phone or through email, and they often lead to us some incredible finds.


Although we would have liked to have done more sight-seeing and made more pleasure stops along the way, this trip was purely business. We had little time for much other than tasting wine, packing our bags and traveling to our next destination for, you guessed it, more wine tasting. Over the course of the trip, we tasted over 350 wines of varying varieties and from all corners of the country!

(It is important to note here, we didn’t drink 350 wines, spitting is a necessity when tasting wine.)

Of the over 350 wines that were presented to us during our stay, around 30 varieties made the cut and will be available in our stores throughout 2015. We consider this a true success and can’t wait to have these wines in the states for you to enjoy!

All the wines that we selected absolutely over-deliver at the very highest level and if I had to choose I’d probably say that the White Burgundies shined the brightest, but that’s a lot like asking which of your children you like best, they all have their own wonderful qualities. All of these wines were fantastic, and we’re sure you’ll agree.


    1. Connie,

      Thank you for your question. We are looking forward to bringing in a Chassagne Montrachet premier Cru, were hoping to have it in by mid-summer.

      Hope that helps!

  1. I recently read a Saveur article on Chablis and looked for the wine at the Avon Commons store. Will this become available ?

    1. Mary,

      All of our stores should be carrying a selection of wine from Chablis, if you can’t locate them our Wine Consultants will be more than happy to assist you in finding them. The specific Chablis that we will have available from this trip won’t be available for another couple months. We will be able to offer a Chablis Premier Cru at an incredible value; It’s fabulous!!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Are you going to provide a list of the 30 wines you selected and availability dates?

    1. Linda,

      Thank you for the question, at this time we still awaiting the arrival of these wines, but once they’ve entered the country and we’re able to confirm delivery we’ll be sure to announce that they’ve arrived. Check back soon for more information!


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