Mini Cones Overhead

Summer Fun with Mini Treats

On a hot, summer day we find ourselves reaching for something cool to bring down our internal temperatures. Summer sips or a classic summer pie in a jar are great choices, but sometimes you just want a little, sweet treat that cools you down without filling you up.

Colorful and flavorful, these mini cones are a quick fix as an afternoon snack or for when you’re playing host or hostess. Guests of all ages are sure to love a display of mini ice cream cones!

mini cones on a platter

Tips for Assembling an Assortment of Mini Cones

  • When serving multiple people, choose a variety of flavors. That will translate to different colors, too, adding to the fun.
  • While you can certainly use a regular-sized scoops, a melon baller may make it easier to fill the smaller cones.
  • Turn it into an ice cream bar by offering different sprinkles and toppings.
  • We’d recommend offering 2 per guest, as they’re a pop-in-your-mouth dessert. Plus, who doesn’t love having options? Allow them to try the chocolate and the strawberry!
  • Keep napkins handy, especially when serving to little ones.

Most importantly, have fun with this! Miniature objects are all about making people smile.

Mini Ice Cream Cones

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