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Talkin’ Turkey – Our Selection of Premium Turkey for Your Feast

Few things are better than cooking up a delicious feast and then sitting down with your family and loved ones to enjoy it. It’s the stuff lasting holiday memories are made of. And with our selection of premium birds we’ve made memories easy. The hardest part is choosing which turkey to make the centerpiece of your meal.

Fresh Plainville Turkeys are Heinen’s premium choice for Thanksgiving. Humanely raised, the turkeys are fed a vegetarian diet and are antibiotic-free, resulting in meat that’s naturally moist and flavorful. Organic options are available. Furthermore, they’re the personal favorite of Tom Heinen and his family.

“Like many of you, our family has tried all the regular brands of turkeys at one time or another. My family’s favorite over the last few years has been our Plainville Turkey,” says Tom. “It always cooks up well and we love that it is completely natural with no additives of any kind, including hormones and antibiotics.”

We also have a wide selection of frozen turkeys available from big to small to feed your Thanksgiving crowd. Preparing a Kosher meal? Our Empire Frozen Turkeys are the perfect option this Thanksgiving. More turkey options are listed below. We recommend placing your turkey order in advance with an associate in the Meat Department at your Heinen’s store.

Premium Turkeys & Meats

Plainville Fresh Turkeys
The premium choice for your Thanksgiving feast.  Fresh | Antibiotic Free

Plainville Fresh Organic Turkeys
The premium organic selection for your holiday gathering.  Fresh | Organic | Antibiotic Free

Homemade Sliced TurkeyAmish Country Fresh Turkeys
A fresh, delicious option for your holiday table, raised in Amish country. Fresh

Empire Frozen Kosher Turkeys
A high quality, Kosher turkey perfect for your holiday dinners and special occasions. Frozen | Kosher | Available at Select Locations

Honeysuckle and Butterball Frozen Turkeys
A classic choice for your next family gathering. Frozen

D’Artagnan Whole Duck, Capon or Goose
A fresh and luxurious addition to your holiday meal.  Fresh | Free Range | Available in Limited Quantities While Supplies Last

Also Available:
Fresh or Frozen Bone-In or Boneless Turkey Breasts
Heinen’s Glazed Hams
Shepherd’s Pride Frenched Rack of Lamb
Complete Cooked Turkey Dinners (available to order through the Prepared Foods Department)

Once you’ve made your selection, be sure to call or stop by the Heinen’s Meat Department to place your order. Remember to order early as quantities are limited. When you get your turkey home on the big day, don’t forget to take a look at our Turkey Tips for expert advice on thawing, roasting and perfectly carving your Thanksgiving turkey.


  1. Can I pre-order one of the Plainville fresh turkeys? Hosting 15 adults, not sure what weight I need but would order one quite large for that crowd.

    1. Good morning Trina- You can place an order for the Plainville fresh turkeys in the Meat Department at your local Heinen’s. They will be happy to help you figure out the correct size and weight to order for 15 guests. Thanks for shopping with us!

  2. Hello! Wonderful to see you’re carrying Plainville turkeys! May I ask what the projected price per pound is/will be? Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle – Our fresh Plainville turkeys are $2.99 per lb. for the traditional ones, and $3.99 per lb. for organic.

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