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Staying True to You – Fresh Atlantic Salmon from the USA

As the world’s population grows, thought-leaders across the globe seek sustainable methods for producing nutritious, great tasting food for generations to come. Leaders in the aquaculture (farm-raised seafood) industry such as Verlasso and Open Blue have led the way in bringing premium, fresh farm-raised seafood to market while providing a purely sustainable alternative to wild-caught seafood.

We’re committed to bringing you the best possible seafood including a wide selection of premium farm-raised fish. Beginning this fall we’re excited to have fresh True North Gulf of Maine Salmon on ice in our seafood cases. This pure-tasting Atlantic salmon is proudly raised in the USA by the True North Seafood Company using industry-leading aquaculture practices and state-of-the-art technology.True North Logo

The True North Seafood Company is owned and operated by the Cooke Family, an experienced sixth generation fishing family. Dedication to quality coupled with constant improvement has established True North as one of North America’s largest and most trusted producers of certified sustainable North Atlantic Salmon. Sophisticated aquaculture systems allow True North to create ideal, balanced eco-systems within their natural open-ocean Atlantic salmon habitats.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the True North mission and drives the day-to-day operation. The salmon are fed a controlled, nutritious diet that delivers all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins needed. One pound of feed converts to one pound of fresh salmon significantly reducing the amount of resources required to raise seafood. This efficiency is what makes True North Salmon a truly sustainable choice.

Fresh salmon is harvested daily and shipped directly to our stores, arriving within two days. We’re confident that from True North you can count on consistently nutritious and delicious Atlantic salmon at Heinen’s all year long. True North Salmon is synonymous with freshness.

Each and every piece of True North Salmon delivers premium salmon taste. The salmon is brilliant, orange-pink colored with a delicate flavor and firm, flaky meat. It is light with a soft, smooth and buttery texture. This is seafood that truly reflects the excellent care given by the dedicated staff at True North.

Fresh True North Atlantic Salmon is:

  • A great source of heart-healthy omega-3’s
  • Low in saturated fat and free from trans-fat
  • Low in calories
  • High in lean proteins
  • One of the best natural sources of Vitamin D and other minerals

Try it grilled, baked or poached. It’s hard to go wrong with True North Salmon. Much like wild-caught salmon, True North Atlantic Salmon is a healthy choice for dinner tonight.

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