We Know Our Sources: Bent Tree Coffee

Looking for a great cup of coffee and also want to support a local business? Consider Bent Tree Coffee.

Bent Tree Coffee Founders
Bent Tree owners Mike Mistur and Ryan Brannon

Founded by friends Mike Mistur and Ryan Brannon, Bent Tree Coffee hails from Kent, Ohio and all roasting is done in their retail coffee shop.

Coffee in Bags
Bags of coffee waiting to be roasted.

“Fresh roasted coffee tastes really good, and we discovered you can home roast pretty easily,” says Mike. “Plus it’s a fun way to learn about coffee. We talked over the years about starting a business together; that’s easy to talk about but hard to pull the trigger on. When the economy wasn’t doing so well, I lost my job and we decided it made sense to make a go of it.”

Mike and Ryan source their coffee through small, independent retailers that work with farmers. All the coffee is Arabica beans, and they only buy high-quality specialty coffee.

Coffee Roasted
Roasters at Bent Tree Coffee in Kent, OH.

“We sample roast when we get new coffees,” says Mike. “There’s usually a sweet spot of how to roast a coffee based on its origin. So we’ll roast it in different ways and see what works best.”

Bent Tree Roaster
Coffee beans are roasted in Bent Tree Coffee’s retail location.

Another fun fact about Bent Tree Coffee? Mike used to work at Heinen’s in high school and college. Mike gets to see many of his old managers when they deliver and have demos for the product. “It’s fun to go back and see how the managers have moved from store to store,” he says. “People stick around!”

Bent Tree Coffee is available at all Cleveland-area Heinen’s locations.

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