We Know Our Sources: Local Produce

Heinen’s is committed to bringing our customers local produce from multiple sources, and one of those sources is the County Line Produce Auction. This auction is held three times a week and features fresh, just picked fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, melons and much more.

The majority of produce sold at the auction is locally grown within miles of the auction site by Amish farmers, and it is often harvested the same day as the auction.

Below is just some of the fresh, local produce that you may find at Heinen’s.

The selection of produce varies throughout the season. Check your local Heinen’s for more information on what’s fresh and local!

In addition to the lots for bid on the main auction floor, there is also a drive-thru area that has produce for sale on horse-drawn farm wagons. The produce is picked, loaded onto a wagon, driven to the sale, and sold right from the wagon inside the drive-thru.


  1. Love the idea of local produce but I still shop mostly organic when I can.
    It would help to know if it was not sprayed with pesticide or if it is non gmo
    Any organic Amish produce ???
    I recently started buying your corn again when I found out it is NOT from gmo seed !!!


    1. Hi Carole, thank you for your interest. We do carry locally grown certified organic produce from Ohio Amish country. We buy top quality local organic produce from our friends at Greenfield Farms and Geauga Family Farms. Thank you for shopping at Heinen’s.

  2. The Gardeners of Greater Cleveland (80 men and women members) would really like to have someone from Heinen’s talk on this subject of local produce at a future meeting. Also, we’ll be hosting the national convention of similar clubs here in July 2017. A speaker on this subject at the convention would be excellent! For people coming from as far as Mississippi, NC, Texas and AZ a talk about your Amish partners would be VERY interesting.
    Tom Davis

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