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We Know Our Sources: Vegan Eats

Vegan Eats owner Amy Cramer is on a mission. With the addition of new Grab-and-Go Entrees to her line of sauces and soups, she hopes to feed the nation with her wholesome, vegan fare. “The healthiest way to eat is plant-based,” she says.

It all started with simply trying to feed her husband after he was diagnosed with chronic high cholesterol. They both switched to a healthy vegan diet and Amy, who had a passion for cooking, set out to make delicious vegan meals that they both would love. It worked, and her husband was able to ditch the cholesterol meds. Even her friends were begging for more of her vegan cooking, so she launched a vegan catering company in Cleveland. Heinen’s got word of the delicious dishes she was creating, and asked her to manufacture them to sell in store. And just like that, Vegan Eats was born.

Vegan Eats Penne Rosa

After five years of selling Vegan Eats’ staple soups and sauces, Amy noticed there was a niche that hadn’t yet been filled. “People want a quick, healthy meal that’s not frozen,” she explains. So she did what she does best and got to work developing recipes. The new line introduces customers to six options of Grab and Go Entrees: Mac and Cheeze; Penne Rosa; Pasta Alfredo with Mushrooms and Port; Chickpea, Sweet Potato, Kale Curry with Brown Basmati Rice; Tuscan Bean Stew with Quinoa; and Adobe Black Bean Stew with Brown Rice. As if those flavors aren’t already mouthwatering enough, all the entrees are totally vegan and gluten-free. Only the highest quality, whole ingredients are used with absolutely no processed ingredients. Meaning, all you need to do is heat them on your stove or in the microwave for a few minutes to get a healthy dinner on the table fast.

Like us, Amy has trouble choosing a favorite from the new entrees (“I love them equally,” she insists.) “When you start with good, whole ingredients, you can’t go wrong.” We agree.

Find new Grab-and-Go Entrées from Vegan Eats, as well as soups and stews in the Refrigerated Deli Case at your Heinen’s.


  1. I was at your Avon store yesterday with my main purpose being to purchase a Vegan Eats entree for dinner. I expected it to be at the deli counter where you have so many entrees from which customers may choose. I was very disappointed to learn that Vegan Eats is prepackaged. The date for use is over two weeks out. That certainly erases the “freshness” in my opinion. Your announcement refers to Amy starting Vegan Eats in Cleveland. The prepackaged items I purchased state that their distribution center is in Colorado. I found your announcement to be very misleading and the product disappointing.

    1. We apologize that you found this to be misleading. It was certainly not our intention. Vegan Eats entrees are packaged in Cleveland, where Amy Cramer is from and where she started Vegan Eats. She has since moved to Colorado, from which she currently operates the business. Manufacturing is still right here in Cleveland, however. Please feel free to call us at Consumer Affairs if you have any additional questions or concerns: 1-855-475-2300, Ext. 2337.

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