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7 Summer Melons You Don’t Want to Miss

Our stores have become quite the melon patch and keeping track of all these melons can be tricky. There are mainstay melons that we all know and love and there are new and unique melons that you can only find at Heinen’s. When it comes to melons, our selection is hard to beat.

We’ve got jumbo Amish Country watermelons, sweet-to-eat honeyrocks, cantaloupes, and King o’ the West Honeydews all of which, year-in and year-out, are must have ingredients for any fruit salad. That’s just the beginning of our seemingly endless melon selection.

As for the rest of the melons available at Heinen’s, and there are plenty, we think we could all use a refresher (pun intended) course on the different summer melons that simply can’t be missed.

Honey Kiss Melon – New to Heinen’sHoney Kiss Melon

An exotic melon with a honey flavor and crisp texture making this melon particularly refreshing. If you desire crisp and refreshing, Honey Kiss is the melon for you. Honey Kiss melons have a long shelf life and are extremely refreshing when served cut into cubes or melon balls and chilled in the refrigerator. New to Heinen’s.

Sugar Kiss Melon – New to Heinen’sSugar Kiss Melon

Sugar Kiss melons offer an ultra-sweet eating experience that pack a punch of flavor. Sugar Kiss literally “melts in your mouth” with a soft, creamy texture and light vanilla color. If you desire soft and sweet, Sugar Kiss is the melon for you. New to Heinen’s.

Summer Kiss Melon – New to Heinen’sSummer Kiss Melon

With a creamy texture and a subtly-sweet flavor reminiscent of a late summer afternoon, the Summer Kiss flavor lingers on your taste-buds as you reach for another bite. Green-textured flesh and a beautiful deep golden skin, Summer Kiss flavor has a mellow deliciousness.  Summer Kiss is perfect for adding color to any melon bowl. New to Heinen’s.

Crenshaw MelonCrenshaw Melon

A refreshing melon for snacks, added to fruit salads, in cold fruit soups or as an edible garnish. They can be used in salsas, smoothies, and sorbets. The flesh of uncut melons becomes juicier and softer when kept at room temperature one or two days before serving. Delicious eaten by itself, or for added flavor, try it with a sprinkle of ginger, salt, or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

Canary MelonCanary-Melon

Its firm, crisp flesh offers a very distinctive delicately sweet flavor, which unlike its appearance tastes more like a Cantaloupe. They are delicious eaten by themselves, included in fruit salads, or added to drinks, such as fruit punches or daiquiris. For a new twist, try one with a sprinkle of ginger, salt, or a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Orange Flesh Honeydew MelonOrange Flesh Honeydew

These melons have the best of two worlds: orange flesh with a taste of both honeydew and cantaloupe. These melons are sweet and refreshing and are a wonderful addition to breakfast. Also try them with a sprinkle of ginger, salt, or a squeeze of lemon or lime. These melons add sweetness to fruit salads or in refreshing drinks, such as fruit punches or daiquiris.

Lemon Drop MelonLemon Drop Melon

Expect a tart-sweet flavor, reminiscent of its lemon namesake along with a hint of honeydew juiciness. Lemon Drop melons are best eaten out of hand or used to make a refreshing summertime smoothie or sorbet. Combine chunks of this melon with sweet fresh raspberries or strawberries for a delicious, healthy dessert.

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