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A Fresh Start to a New You

Looking for a great way to get your new year off to a healthy start? Then join us for our 21-Day Fresh Start program and learn how to take the confusion out of healthy eating. A 3-week session is starting at a Heinen’s near you soon!

What exactly is the 21-Day Fresh Start? 

The 21-Day Fresh Start program is not about counting calories or weight loss, but simply about eating more Superfoods and feeling better. During the program you’ll be educated about and encouraged to eat more good-for-you foods and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Topics covered are:

  • Making smart food choices that optimize your energy and well-being
  • Incorporate Superfoods into your meals and snacks
  • Preparing simple and healthy meals
  • Manage your blood sugars, triglycerides and blood pressure by choosing heart-healthy carbohydrates
  • Choosing essential vitamins and supplements

This 3-week, 3-session program encourages and challenges you to incorporate more and more Superfoods into your diet over the course of the program and beyond. You’ll learn about different Superfoods: nutrient-rich foods that are loaded with anti-oxidants including fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and other functional foods like matcha tea and more.

Who Should Participate in the 21-Day Fresh Start program?
Everyone! We encourage everyone to attend regardless of age or existing nutritional knowledge. We’ll cover healthy eating insights that everyone, no matter where you might be on your health journey. If you’ve heard so many different things about healthy eating and don’t know what to believe, you’re not alone and this program is perfect for you.

The 21-Day Fresh Start program is $25 to attend all three sessions and those who complete the full program will receive a $10 Heinen’s gift card. Optional Fresh Start Workbooks are available for $10 each.

I’ve been working with individuals for over 15 years on nutrition and I find that people don’t realize that the profound impact of improving just one eating habit. When you realize how one change can raise your energy level or improve how you feel overall it’s easier to incorporate more and more good habits into your routine. – Melanie Jatsek RD, LD

The 21-Day Fresh Start Program:

Session #1 – Superfoods

The very first session is all about Superfoods covering topics like: ‘What are Superfoods?’ and ‘How to integrate more Superfoods into your diet.’ We’ll tour the produce department in our store and talk about specific Superfoods that are available and what makes them so super.

Session #2 – Managing Fats & Sugars

In this second session, we’ll discuss how to manage fats in your diet, how to choose better fats, learning which fats you want to keep and which you should avoid to help manage cholesterol and overall heart health. We’ll also discuss how to choose lower-glycemic index foods for managing blood sugars and which carbohydrates to eat and which to limit or avoid.  We’ll sample different foods like sprouted nuts and avocado chia pudding that are great for managing fats, plus a tour of the store’s Meat, Seafood, Deli and Prepared Foods Departments to learn which items are the best choices at each.

Session #3 – Smart Supplementation 

During the last session, we discuss smart supplementation, take a tour of the store’s Wellness, Dairy, and Frozen Foods Departments. Learn about what supplements are necessary and which ones you might want to consider during certain periods of your life and stressful times in the year.

Throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know knowledgeable Heinen’s Wellness Consultants and gain a partner for your personal health journey. Your Wellness Consultant will be there to answer questions and give advice during and long after the program has ended.

We believe that you will leave the 21-Day Fresh Start program more mindful of important foods to incorporate into your diet and empowered to successfully begin adding healthy food habits to your daily routine.


  1. There are three west side stores; Avon, Bay Village and Rocky River. Will
    this seminar be coming to any of the west side stores?

    1. Good Morning Nancy – Our Fresh Start program was offered at other locations earlier in the year. We will pass your interest along to our Wellness team.

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