Longdale Farm

A Look at Longdale Farm’s Healthier Beef

Have you seen the newest addition to our Local Beef selection? Based out of South Charleston, Ohio, Longdale Farm makes ground beef that’s not only delicious, but also a healthier alternative to traditional beef. That’s right — you can indulge in a burger while still keeping your New Year’s resolution to eat better.

Longdale Farm burger raw burger pattiesThe cows at Longdale Farm are fed a diet rich in vegetables and grains leading to higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in the meat. Why is that important? Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improved heart health, reduced levels of arthritis and depression, and to decreased memory loss. Studies have shown Conjugated Linoleic Acid to have health benefits too, including a lowered risk of cancer and easier weight loss. And Longdale meat has significantly less cholesterol than conventional beef — even less than a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Unlike on many farms, hormones are never given to the cows.

This commitment to a healthier product extends to the treatment of the cows as well. After all, a happy and healthy cow leads to better-tasting meat. That’s why Longdale has tapped renowned animal welfare authority Dr. Temple Grandin for her expertise. Dr. Grandin helped Longdale formulate best practices for care of the cattle and conducts on-site audits of the farm to ensure the cows are well cared for.

All of this makes Longdale Farm beef a healthier choice over traditional beef with a ton of flavor and superb tenderness. So go ahead and eat that burger guilt free!

Find Longdale Farm Ground Beef in the Meat Department at your local Heinen’s. 


    1. Hello – We have passed that request along to our meat associates. Thank you for the feedback & for shopping with us!

  1. I recently tried Longdale’s beef – best I ever had. I would like to see more of their products at Heinen’s. I want to thank Heinen’s for their selection of wonderful products.

    1. Hello Renee – We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the Longdale Beef! We’ll be sure to pass that feedback along to our Meat Department. Thanks so much for shopping with us!

    2. Hi Renee – We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying the Longdale Beef! We’ll be sure to pass that compliment along to the Meat Department here at Heinen’s. Thank you for shopping with us!

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