A Thing For Spring

A Thing for Spring

Aromas and flavors of fresh earth and flowers, herbs and green rinds, cheeses that are young and fresh…these are all signs of spring.

These are a few of our favorite cheeses in our cheese departments this spring. Light, fresh and perfectly satisfying, these cheeses will pair beautifully with another sign of spring: Rosé wines!


  • Cypress Grove Purple Haze

This beautiful little fresh goat cheese from California is so refreshing, it’s like eating sunshine. The tartness of the goat cheese is married with lavender and fennel pollen, giving it a floral and herbaceous quality.

  • Chevre Mousse

This fluffy chevre from France is so light, it melts on the palate. It is exquisite with a little bit of honey drizzled over it and topped with Marcona Almonds.

  • Pyrenees with Peppercorns

We love this attractive cheese on a springtime cheeseboard for its green wax. An added bonus is that it tastes great and has a slight punch from whole black peppercorns.

  • d’Affinois with Herbs

Rich, creamy, green and herbaceous, this cheese screams spring both in its flavor and its grass-colored rind.

~Shannon Welsh, Heinen’s Cheesemonger

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