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An Apple a Day: Locally Grown Farm Report

While we’re no medical experts, we can assure you that listening to the old “apple a day” adage will definitely bring a smile to your face. And with the big selection of locally grown varieties we offer, your Heinen’s is sure to have a flavor for everyone. While you can certainly snack on them, click here for some inspired ways to use them in your recipes (apple pie crescent bites anyone?)

Be sure to check your Heinen’s for even more locally grown produce, thanks to our relationships with our Ohio and Illinois farmers (some of whom have been supplying us with produce for three generations.)

We’ll keep you updated on what’s available from these and other farms as the season goes on with your Locally Grown Farm Report. (Availability may vary from store to store depending on weather conditions and demand.)

Here’s what’s available now from our local growers:

pumpkinsPolter’s Berry Farm

Fremont, Ohio

Available Now: Orange Pumpkins l Pie Pumpkins

Apple ciderBurnham’s

Berlin Heights, Ohio

Available Now: Cider

Concord GrapesLinehan’s Vineyard

Geneva, Ohio

Available Now: Concord Grapes

ApplesFruit Grower’s Co-op

Various Farms, Ohio

Available Now: Gold & Red Delicious Apples l Jonagold Apples l Gala Apples l Honeycrisp Apples l McIntosh Apples l Cortland Apples l Jonathan Apples Empire Apples Melrose Apples Ida Red Apples Fuji Apples Granny Smith Apples  Arriving Soon: Sun Crisp Apples

Bunches of BeetsHolthouse Farms

Willard, Ohio

Available Now: Bulk Beets l Green Pepper Collard, Dandelion & Mustard Greens l Turnips l Kohlrabi l Bok Choy l White & Gold Acorn Squash l Carnival, Delecatta, Dumpling & Turban Squash l Mini Pumpkins l Gourds

Yellow Candy OnionsNature Acres

Mt. Hope, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Yellow Candy Onions

Butternut SquashKeim’s Produce

Homerville, Ohio

Available Now: Anaheim Peppers l Zucchini l Golden Zucchini l Pickles l Cucumber l Napa, Savoy & Red Cabbage l  Eggplant l Green Peppers l Jalapeno Peppers l Mini Sweet Peppers l Poblano Peppers l Hunky Hot Peppers l Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti, Buttercup & Hubbard Squash l Roma & Slicer Tomatoes l Ancient Sweet Peppers Broccoli l Jacket Cauliflower Bok Choy Cabbage

ChivesGreat Lakes Growers

Burton, Ohio

Available Now: Chives l Living Basil l Marjoram l Oregano l Rosemary l Sage l Thyme l Watercress l Living Boston Lettuce Butter Lettuce

Red and Green Leaf LettuceJon’s Organics Farm & Produce

Ravenna, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Organic Romaine l Organic Red Boston Lettuce

ZuchinniGreenfield Farms Organic

Fredericksburg, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Kale l Organic Green Pepper l Organic Zucchini l Organic Yellow Zucchini l Organic Mini Sweet Peppers l Organic Cabbage l Organic Slicer Tomatoes l Organic Grape Tomatoes l Organic Acorn Squash l Organic Butternut Squash

KaleZellers Farms

Hartville, Ohio

Available Now: Boston & Bibb Lettuces l Beets l Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Endive l Escarole l Green Onions l Cilantro l Baby Dill l Curly & Plain Parsleys l Kale

Apple ciderPatterson’s Fruit Farm

Chesterland, Ohio

Available Now: Cider

Sweet CornNagel Farms

Avon, Ohio

Available Now: Sweet Corn

MicrogreensVigeo Gardens

Akron, Ohio

Available Now: Microgreens l Micro Broccoli/Kale

Tomatoes on the VineNatureFresh Farms

Delta, Ohio

Arriving Soon: TOMZ l Tomatoes on the Vine








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