Celebrate Apples at Heinen’s AppleFest: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2

Did you know?

A medium sized apple:

Contains no fat, saturated fat or sodium.
Has only 80 calories!
Contains no cholesterol or artificial colors or flavors.
Is an excellent source of fiber helps reduce cholesterol.

During apple harvest season there are just so many available varieties of delicious apples to choose from. We all have favorites from Gala to the trusty Red Delicious but don’t overlook the lesser-known varieties like Jonagold or Empire — they’re quite a treat!

When it comes to baking, saucing or just plain snacking, it’s not always easy to know which apple is best. Depending on the application, you’ll want to choose your apples carefully. Here, we’ve listed our most popular varieties of seasonal apples, many grown just miles from our stores, so you know which is perfect for you.

GoldenDelicious_ShadowGolden Delicious

Sweet, Eating, Baking
Easily identifiable by its bright yellow skin with faint, brown spots. Golden Delicious apples are thin-skinned and make for a great pie apple. Expect an apple that is rich with dull, white-colored flesh. Easy does it! These apples are very delicate and bruise easily.

Honey Crisp AppleHoneycrisp

Sweet, Crisp, Eating
Color varies from mostly-red to red with patches of yellow and dull green. The flesh of the Honeycrisp is cream-colored with a crisp texture. Honeycrisp apples are prized for their exceptionally unique flavor and sweetness. Stored in a dry, cool place, Honeycrisp apples will keep well.

Jonagold AppleJonagold

Tangy, Eating, Baking

Look for red-striped skin with hues of yellow or green; spots are normal. Expect the flesh of the Jonagold to be creamy yellow colored. Wonderful flavors of honey and subtle sweetness. Jonagold apples are an ideal apple for use in most recipes calling for apples.

McIntosh AppleMcIntosh

Tart, Baking, Eating

McIntosh Apples are easily identified by their red and green skin. Looking for a good apple for kids? These are small in size and easy to eat. Soft and mealy flesh and rich flavor is typical of the McIntosh. This is a great apple for snacking or apple sauce, but not ideal for baking.

Empire AppleEmpire

Tart, Eating, Baking

Empire apples are a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. Look for Empire apples with dull, red skin, spotted with small, faint spots. Expect to find flesh that is creamy-white and tart. This firm apple is resistant to bruising and has a long life after picking.

Red Delicious AppleRed Delicious

Sweet, Eating, Salads

The color of the red delicious varies from dark red to vibrant bright red. A classic tall, top-heavy apple shape is typical of the Red Delicious. Expect white-colored, soft and juicy flesh from the Red Delicious. Great for a quick snack or in a salad, but not ideal for baking or freezing.

Gala AppleGala

Sweet, Eating, Salads

Gala’s have a similar shape to Red Delicious Look for skin that has tones of light red over a background of golden yellow. This thin-skinned apple has a mildly sweet and slightly spicy taste. Small size and thin skin makes them great for kids.


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