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Award-Winning Cheeses

It’s been an exciting few weeks for cheese lovers. Many delicious cheeses that can be found at Heinen’s have been recognized and awarded nationally at both the American Cheese Society Conference (ACS) in Sacramento, California and the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin.

As Heinen’s Specialty Cheese Buyer, I have been so fortunate to taste some world-class, award-winning cheeses and to meet the folks that make them. They’re so passionate about what they’re doing, and the cheeses they make are like their babies. You can almost taste the passion after the first bite! Here are three of my favorite cheeses that won awards recently:

Mackenzie Creamery Cognac Fig Chevre

Cheesemaker Jean Mackenzie took home the Fresh Goat Cheese with Flavor Added Award at the American Cheese Society Conference earlier this month in Sacramento. Topped with a proprietary Courvoisier cognac and fig syrup, this fresh goat cheese is taken to a whole other level when served with Raincoast Crisps Salty Date and Almond Crackers.

Availability: available at all Heinen’s locations in the cheese department.


Yellow House Cheese Wooster Pike Blue

Kristyn Henslee, head cheesemaker for Yellow House cheese in Seville, OH, won the Blue Veined with a Rind Made from Sheep’s or Mixed Milks Award at this past ACS Conference. The cheese is made from local milk raised on grass pastures and has a creamy texture with an earthy, Stilton-like flavor. It is perfect for crumbling over steaks and burgers or topping off pizza and mac & cheese. You can also enjoy it with a glass of dessert wine to top off a meal.

Availability: available at select Heinen’s stores in the cheese department.


Roth Buttermilk Blue

Congratulations go out to our friends at Emmi/Roth Kase in Wisconsin! Their signature  Buttermilk Blue won the World’s Best Blue Cheese at 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin. This delicately–lace cheese is created from raw milk for the creamiest taste and texture. It’s tangy yet mellow and is best paired with yeasty, dark beer and figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate and honey.

Availability: available all Heinen’s locations in the cheese department.

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