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Budding into Spring with Boekestyn Greenhouses

Spring has sprung and as we defrost from what seems like a never ending Midwest winter, we look forward to signs of spring. Sure, Punxsutawney Phil deemed winter “over” when he failed to see his shadow this Groundhog Day, but for us, spring truly starts when flowers and plants begin arriving for our annual Garden Celebration.

If you’ve ever shopped in Heinen’s Floral Department, you know that quality and variety are always guaranteed. As the weather warms and our homes and porches are brought back to life with the bright colors and smells of spring flowers, we owe thanks to the growers who devote their days to growing our favorite floral.

Boekestyn Greenhouse Pink Floral

We’re lucky to have found talented growers around the globe who believe in our quality standards, like our Canadian partners at Boekestyn Greenhouses who pride themselves on growing quality plants with quality people.

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Born out of a family passion for greenhouse growing, post- war Dutch immigrants, Bram and Ena Boekestyn, planted the roots of Boekestyn Greenhouses in 1962. Although the early 60’s mark the beginning of the Boekestyn’s business ventures, their relationship with greenhouses goes all the way back to Bram’s father who was a greenhouse grower in the Netherlands!

Much like Heinen’s, Boekestyn Greenhouses has kept the business in the family with third generation grower, John Boekestyn. It’s safe to say that the quality and variety of their Maybe you’ve noticed, or even taken home an arrangement of their best-selling Mums and Easter Lillie’s.floral and plants continues to grow with each generation!

Located in Jordan Station Ontario Canada, nature is surely on the Boekestyn family’s side. This region is actually a part of the Golden Horseshoe, which is a fertile temperate belt of land protected by the Niagara Escarpment that surrounds the western half of Lake Ontario. In other words, this area is a greenhouse grower’s paradise with excellent growing conditions like strong year-round light and relatively mild temperatures.

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With nature doing them a favor, the Boekestyn team makes it a priority to pay the earth the same respect. Boekestyn Gardens prides itself on being an environmentally friendly producer. From recycling 100 percent of their water to using biological pest controls to minimize the use of pesticides, the carefulness that goes into growing each plant and protecting the earth makes each bud event better.

57 years after his parents founded the greenhouse, John and his talented team of 25 employees have used the power of nature and their passion for the greenhouse business to grow countless beautiful plants and flowers in their state-of-the-art greenhouse. On a weekly basis they’re growing Mums, Kalanchoes, Cyclamen and Gerbera. As the seasons change, you’ll likely notice Easter Lilies, Amaryllis and Frosty Ferns as well as plants and hanging baskets for lawn and garden season like Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens and Boston Ferns. This spring, we recommend checking out the Boston Ferns!

As the passionate Boekestyn team works year-round to bring their quality and sustainable plants to life, they’re simultaneously helping us bring our 90 year “buy the best to sell the best” philosophy to life. So dust off your porches, break out your vases and fill your home with an arrangement or two of Heinen’s beautiful spring floral from Boekestyn Greenhouses at our annual Garden Celebration.

Bokestyn Greenhouse Flowers

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