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Cheese for Warm Weather: Mozzarella & Burrata di Bufala

When the weather heats up, I often find myself combining soft cheeses with fresh, local produce that cuts through the creaminess and creates a delicious flavor profile. Which is why – this month & next – you can find imported Italian Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala and Burrata di Bufala in your Heinen’s Cheese Department.*

Learn Some Italian

Bufala is Italian for Buffalo, indicating that these products are the real deal. Originally made from sheep milk, authentic Mozzarella now involves Water Buffalos, specifically. Trade with the Far East brought the mammals to Italy in the 16th century where the country’s southern climate and terrain was found to be ideal for raising them.

Learn more Italian: mozzare is a verb meaning “to cut off,” fitting for a cheese that is sliced for Caprese and Margherita. Try something a little different this summer and eat it alongside fresh, local peaches. Delicious!

So What Is Burrata?

When mozzarella is filled with curd and cream, Burrata is created. It looks very similar to mozzarella, but slice it open and you’ll find the difference. Once you slice (at room temperature), I recommend enjoying as soon as possible for the best experience.

5 Pairing Ideas:

  • Deep fried Artichoke Hearts and sliced Prosciutto as a backdrop to Fresh Burrata drizzled with White Truffle Oil
  • Fresh Burrata with Caponata salad and a dash of Balsamic and Olive Oil
  • Fresh Burrata with local, Heirloom Tomatoes, salt & pepper – nothing could be better, in my opinion!
  • Grilled Flat Bread with Fresh Burrata, Cucumbers, black olives and freshly chopped herbs
  • Fresh Burrata drizzled with raspberry syrup or fruit-infused Balsamic with fresh plums and figs
    • While not often thought of as “dessert,” the cream inside Burrata lends itself well to sweet dishes

*Availability may vary as product is being flown in every 2-3 weeks. Please consult your Heinen’s Cheesemonger for more information.

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