Dansoap All Natural Laundry Detergent

Clean Laundry. Clean Planet. Dansoap

Not too long ago, Dan Kubiak was in his basement studying the plumbing when he came across something interesting: the previous owner had routed the laundry drain into the storm sewer that drains directly into Lake Erie. After doing some research on the subject, Dan along with his oldest friend (also named Dan), became increasingly interested in creating a clean, all natural laundry detergent that cleans as well as the traditional laundry soaps. It didn’t take long before Dan and Dan made the decision to produce their own laundry soap that was both safe for their families and safe for Lake Erie.

Natural Laundry Detergent

After sufficient research and tireless experimentation, Dan and Dan developed a product they could be proud of called DanSoap;  a very effective and environmentally friendly laundry soap. In the summer of 2014 the papers were filed and DanSoap was officially launched with Dan and Dan at the helm. Although the company was officially founded that day in 2014, the true beginnings of the company was sometime in late 1980’s when Dan and Dan first met and formed what would become a lifelong friendship.

Throughout childhood and into adulthood, Dan and Dan spent countless hours, days and weeks together building lasting memories, becoming Eagle Scouts, camping and exploring. Many of their days were spent inventing, building and creating, ultimately leading to the creation of DanSoap many years later.

Since producing the very first batch of DanSoap, Dan and Dan have been committed to providing only the best in all-natural laundry soap and continue to work hands-on to ensure that the final product on the shelves is as safe and effective as possible.

Locally Produced Natural Laundry Soap

What is Dan Soap?

Dansoap is more than a great powdered laundry soap, it is a 100% natural soap that is completely biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals making it not only good for your family but good for the planet, your home and your clothes.

Made from pure coconut oil and specially formulated to power away dirt and grease, DanSoap is a great choice for all your laundry needs. It contains no dyes, artificial fragrances, harsh petrochemicals, phosphates or sulfates.

Dansoap is available at all Heinen’s locations in the Greater Cleveland and Chicago areas.

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