Heinen's Group at Southern Tier Brewery

Crafting a special brew with Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Looking for craft beer that is new, different and exciting? So are we, and lucky for you, you can end your search and check out our monthly Brewery Partners for craft beer selections from the country’s best brewers.

Southern Tier Brewer
Jason Hitchcock – Southern Tier Lead Creative Brewer

Through our Brewery Partners program, we’re able to bring our customers some of the newest and most exciting beers from  innovative breweries big and small, both local and from around the country. Join us for keg tappings and special releases from a great new brewery each month.

Now, these aren’t your ordinary brews. Many times what we find are exclusive to Heinen’s and often the only other way to get your hands on them is to travel to the brewery itself. From time to time we’re able to feature beers from our Brewery Partners that are pub exclusives; beers that brewers brew specifically for customers in their own tasting rooms.

We are particularly excited to announce our long anticipated Brewery Partner for the month of April, 2016: Southern Tier Brewing Company. We’re pretty sure that the beer enthusiasts and hop-heads among us will like what we have to offer from this nationally acclaimed brewery…

On a mission to acquire something truly special for our Brewery Partners program, we sent a group of ambitious Heinen’s Beer Specialists east on I-90 to Southern Tier Brewing Company in the great state of New York. There, they spent the day on the brewhouse deck with Southern Tier’s Creative Brewers for a hands-on brew session with a beer recipe of great potential. From dawn ’til dusk, they worked tirelessly mashing grain, selecting the perfect varieties of hops and pitching yeast until their young beer was nestled nicely into its stainless steel home for fermentation.

Heinen's Group at Southern Tier Brewery

The end result: an impressive, one-of-a-kind batch of Southern Tier Double Tangerine IPA that you’ll only find at your local Heinen’s Grocery Store.

Trust us when we say that you’ll want to get your hands on a glass or a growler (or two) of this impressive citrus-packed IPA. It’s brewed with 4 types of malt, 6 varieties of hops and over 60 lbs. of fruity tangerine peels then dry hopped with 5 varieties of hops including Cascade and Citra hops. Double Tangerine IPA weighs in at 7.9% ABV and packs 70 IBU’s for a well-rounded, citrusy and aromatic IPA that redefines the term ‘drinkability’.

Go ahead a plan a trip to the Heinen’s Beer Department nearest you on Friday April 8th, when we tap kegs of Double Tangerine IPA at all of our stores and be sure to take home a growler for later because once it’s gone; it’s gone.

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