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Great Cheeses for Summer’s Rosy Darling

Pink wine. It’s more than what you think and it certainly can stand up to some of the season’s best cheeses. Rosé does not always equal sweet, and it certainly does not equal White Zin. Most rosés are dry, with subtle fruit and incredible drinkability. It’s my favorite style of wine and I’m always in my glory come May when rosés abound.

Cheeses that pair well with rosés run the gamut from soft and creamy to hard and crumbly. Here are a few of my favorites:

This soft-ripened goat cheese from Spain is a real gem. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. It is tart, tangy, and incredibly creamy on the palate. The first time I tasted this cheese my eyes went wide and the only word I could find was “Wow.” I love this cheese with rosé because the subtle strawberry notes found in rosé temper the tartness of the cheese, and the fruit is enhanced and smoothed out.

Cambozola Black Label
Don’t be afraid of blue cheese with rosé. This pairing works particularly well because it’s a triple cream first, and blue cheese second. The earthiness of the cheese thanks in part to the rind, is really a lovely complement to rosés fruit, especially in French rosés, which tend to be more austere.

Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper
This firm sheep milk cheese is made in Holland for our friends at Cypress Grove in Northern California. It is perfection with a fruitier-style rosé, like those from California. The cheese is creamy but dry enough that it brings out much more fruit in rosé and tastes like springtime on your palate. This is a go-to pairing for me when I’m entertaining in the warm weather.

While these are a few of my favorite cheese and rose pairings, there is no limit to what works well with rosé. It is an incredibly food-friendly wine, especially with cheese. So don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy!

~ Shannon Welsh, Heinen’s Cheesemonger

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