Fitness Tips for Fall

The beautiful fall season in finally in the air! Now is a great time of the year to renew your fitness routine. Fall offers us beautiful new scenery to get us motivated to get up and moving. Bundle up and enjoy a run or walk through the fall foliage after a long day, rake leaves, hit the trails with your furry friend, or find a new class to take at your gym. This season offers us a great starting point to try something new.

Do you enjoy the fall weather and scenery? Hit the trails! Many cities offer great park systems with wonderful trails and outside activities for us all . One of my personal favorites is the Lake Metroparks. They offer many different types of trails so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Bringing the kids with you? Go to their web site and check their schedule to find fun activities they host monthly.

Need motivation to get moving and keep it up? Find a workout partner and set goals together. Make sure to track those goals so you can see your continued progress. Furry friends make great workout partners too. Take you dog for a walk or run, go outside and play catch or tug of war with them. They’ll appreciate it and you will get a great workout in too.

Though fall is a beautiful season it also brings that dreaded task of raking leaves. Before you start hoping for a big gust of wind to do that job for you, research has shown that on average raking leaves for 30 minutes will burn off about 120- 145 calories. Time to start raking those leaves.

Looking for a new inside workout routine? Try rebounding (trampoline workouts)! I have just started doing this myself and it is tons of fun. Rebounding is a great workout that is easy on the joints and is also used to help improve the lymph and immune system. The jumping motion helps to increase the movement in the lymph system, therefore helping to fight many alignments. By helping to clear out the lymph system waste you are also helping to detoxify your body. Jumping on the trampling for just 20 minutes is actually equal to one hour of running. The trampoline is also great to use for an ab workout. You will end up using many new muscles that you normally do not with your everyday workout.

Enjoy the beauty of the Fall Season and fall into a great new fitness routine!

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