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Fresh, Living Microgreens: From gourmet restaurants to your kitchen

Prized by gourmet chefs and masters of the culinary art, microgreens are not-so-quietly taking center stage in the innovative world of fine food. From a tasty garnish to a splash of vibrant color or a powerful main ingredient, microgreens are making their way from 5-star restaurants and into the kitchens of home-cooks across America and the globe.

Microgreens are just that; mini greens of juvenile age and nearly unlimited variety. They’re older than sprouts but younger than ‘petite’ or ‘baby’ greens and many have just developed their first pair of leaves at the time of harvest. Different from traditional herbs, the unique and seemingly endless flavor and texture combinations of microgreens allow chefs and cooks of all experience to innovate and experiment in new and exciting ways.

Top regional chefs have looked to the forward-thinkers at Waterfields of Cincinnati, Ohio for premium microgreens to meet their every need and now for the first time you can find them in the Heinen’s Produce Department. Waterfields’ ultra-fresh, living microgreens are grown with premium freshness and quality in mind.  Utilizing a custom, indoor hydroponic growing system, these incredible mini-greens are carefully cultivated without the need for harsh fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides for a product that you can feel great about eating. Hydroponic growing allows for absolute consistency by allowing the talented horticulturists at Waterfields to provide optimal nutrition to their microgreens from germination to the moment they’re packed and shipped directly to our stores.

Fresh Microgreens Available at Heinen’s:

Three great varieties of fresh microgreens are now available at your favorite Cleveland area Heinen’s stores. They’re fresh and ready to use in your favorite recipes and new culinary creations.

 Sunflower Micro GreensSunflower Microgreens

Crisp crunchy, succulent greens with a sweet, salty, and earthy flavor with a distinctly sunflower finish.

Substantial enough to be a salad on it’s own or makes a great addition to your favorite greens salad with tomato and fresh mozzarella. Use as a garnish on your favorite dishes.

Red Rambo Micro GreensMicro Red Rambo Radish Microgreens

Beautiful deep purple leaves and stems with an intense radish spice. Crisp and Tender.

Great for adding fresh points to any salad, especially when combined with nuts and goat cheese. Adds great color and spicy taste to fatty dishes and pairs well with kimchi.

Spicy Mix Micro GreensSpicy Mix Microgreens

A blend of red and green mustard that is intensely flavorful and beautiful with its contrasting colors. A spicy wasabi horseradish punch hits the tongue late. Crisp and Green.

Makes a great spicy addition to any salad, spicy condiment replacement on sandwiches, or garnish for any dish that needs a color pop or burst of wasabi spice. Perfect topping for deviled eggs as well.

In Cincinnati neighborhoods stricken by concentrated poverty, Waterfields not only grows fresh greens but plants hope and sense of community in areas that have been overlooked and neglected for decades. Waterfields provides living wages and job-skills to the hardworking residents of the communities in which they operate, while occupying the existing and underutilized community infrastructure in an effort to reinvigorate and bring positive growth and prosperity to once vibrant communities.

Microgreens are delivered to our stores living, with the complete root system intact, resulting in superior freshness, flavor and longer life. Purchasing a living product allows you to store it in your fridge and harvest it yourself, as needed, for up to 10-12 days or more! It’s like your pulling it from your own garden. Really.

*Waterfields microgreens are available in our Cleveland Area stores only but look for an assortment of fresh premium microgreens in our Chicago area stores.

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