Freshly Roasted Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Get ready for the best tasting coffee around!

We’re excited to launch a new service of roasting high-quality, fair trade coffee beans at a number of our locations. Equal Exchange will provide Heinen’s with green, unroasted coffee beans, and Heinen’s associates will roast the beans in small batches throughout the day for an amazing tasting coffee. You can’t get any fresher than that!

Coffee roasting is a science, with the bean temperature and air temperature measured and taken into consideration when setting the roasting time. Our associates have been educated and trained by Equal Exchange to bring you perfect coffee blends, and will be roasting small batches throughout the day so you’re always getting the freshest possible product. They can also custom roast a blend for you while you shop!

All Equal Exchange beans are Arabica beans that are harvested by hand. There are different origins and varietals of Arabica beans, and the different soil types and climates they’re grown in will all affect the flavor of the beans.

Heinen’s will use four types of Arabica beans from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua to make our exclusive coffee blends. Some blends are made by mixing the green, unroasted beans and then roasting the mix together, while some are made by roasting the different beans separately and then mixing the roasted beans together.

“A light roast will have more of the natural flavor of the bean,” says Mike Mowry, Equal Exchange master roaster. “With a dark roast you’ll have more mouthfeel and less acidity. When you dark roast, you’re exchanging the natural flavor of the bean for more roast flavor.” Mike also notes that the beans actually need to rest after they’re roasted, and will taste better brewed the day after roasting.

Equal Exchange was started in 1986 and is the largest fair trade group in the U.S. Fair trade means the farmers are getting a fair deal. “There is a minimum purchase price of the beans that allows the farmers to survive,” says Rink Dickinson, one of Equal Exchange’s founders. “The farmers also receive pre-harvest financing. Fair trade is built on long-term relationships. We don’t play the farmers against each other,” he adds.

Fresh roasted coffee has a different taste, and we invite you to try for yourself. Heinen’s associate roasters are well-versed in all things coffee, so ask them about flavor profiles, for a recommendation or for a free sample!

Stores that roast Equal Exchange beans:


  • Barrington
  • Glenview
  • Lake Bluff


  • Aurora
  • Bainbridge
  • Brecksville
  • Chardon
  • Strongsville



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