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When it comes to your gut, people can underestimate what a healthy gut can really do for your body. The gut contains tons of bacteria, good and bad, but the key is to have much more good bacteria than bad. One way to help achieve a healthy gut is through taking probiotics. Probiotics can help suppress bad bacteria from growing in the gut and throw off the balance of good bacteria. When your gut is properly balanced with good bacteria, your immune system is stronger, your digestive tract is healthy and you can absorb minerals much more efficiently.

Garden Of Life Probiotics range from a variety of Men’s and Woman’s, Colon Care and even Children’s. Probiotics can be killed off in heat, but Garden of Life ships their probiotics cold, and then we immediately refrigerate them. This helps to keep the potency of the probiotic intact and alive. Garden Of Life also has a 5 Day Max Care powder that contains billions of probiotics to really help achieve optimal digestive health by using a hefty dose to flush out bad bacteria.

As recommended by Dr. Todd, it’s always best to take probiotics on an empty stomach before bed to help avoid stomach acids from interfering with the absorption of the probiotics.


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