Getting to Know Heinen’s Summer Brewery Partners

Beer is universal. It is crafted, sold, and enjoyed internationally from Ireland and Germany all the way across the Atlantic to the States. Today, Cleveland is establishing itself as a hub for craft breweries.

Heinen’s values local business and partnerships. That is why we have partnered with Great Lakes Brewing Company for the month of July and Market Garden Brewery in August. We love carrying these local brews on our shelves, but our relationship goes far beyond simple business partners.

This summer, we are sharing the inside scoop from tours of both breweries. Once you get a taste of their products and the processes behind them, we have a feeling your refrigerator will be stocked with Cleveland craft beer all summer long.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

In the spirit of all things beer, our Heinen’s Beer Leads and Cheesemongers toured Great Lakes Brewing Company’s home in Ohio City. Opened in 1986, Great Lakes Brewing Company has redefined what it means to brew craft beer by striving for great tasting beer with a local flair. This unique brewing philosophy is grounded in the guiding principles of brewing great beer, celebrating resources, cultivating communities, dishing up memories, and having fun. Brewing great beer has landed this company on the list of Top 25 Brewers in the nation, but their commitment to agriculture, energy conservation and community history makes the company unique.

Great Lakes’ name has significance: it is positioned within a mile of Lake Erie. With a product that is 90% water, Great Lakes strives to preserve the fresh water that comes from these lakes because they know that they could not make their product without it.

Great Lakes Brewing Company also finds importance in being a part of the community that their footprint covers.  That is why they have been a large part of the movement to source locally. In 2008 they began growing organic food for their brewpub with the purchase of Pint Size Farm in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Then, in 2010, they helped with the formation of Ohio City Farm which yields six acres of vegetables, herbs and hops for the brewpub.  It is that same commitment to growing local and organic that led to Great Lake’s partnership with Heinen’s.

The roots of this company are not only planted in the local agriculture, but also in the unique names that inspire their portfolio of brews. Take Burning River, for example, which commemorates the 1969 fire on the Cuyahoga River. Great Lakes Brewing Company celebrates their native region with each beer, dish, and story they share, allowing for continued innovation.

So, what’s next for Great Lakes Brewing Company? They like their local relationships and do not see a national expansion, but that does not mean that they are staying still. They’ve outgrown the simple bottle and now you can find their craft beer in cans at your local Heinen’s.  Keep an eye out for their 30th anniversary craft beer. It is sure to be great!

Market Garden Brewery

If you’re from Cleveland, then you will know this next brewery by the bright flashing “BEER” sign outside of its Ohio City location. It’s Market Garden Brewery, and much like Great Lakes Brewing Company, they are committed to their hometown. Market Garden also has a strong interest in the science behind brewing top-notch craft beer.

With three bars and a 35,000-square-foot Production Brewery in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, each location serves different craft beer experiences. Our associates had the chance to get a private tour and quickly learned that Market Garden Brewery is a company committed to mastering the formula behind the best craft beers.

The science behind crafting high-quality craft beer at Market Garden Brewery begins with the ingredients. This brewery finds that their best concoctions come from domestic and internationally sourced products. Many ingredients, such as their wheat and hops, come from Germany, Canada, Austria and Belgium, providing a classic European craft beer taste. But Market Garden also demonstrates its commitment to local through the purchase of purchasing locally grown ingredients for its brew house cuisine.

The process of making the high-quality brews at Market Garden is a huge endeavor, but it has led to finding a niche in the craft beer market. While all locations have production capabilities, Nano Brew is the location for research and development. If beer at this location is a hit, then it makes its way to Market Garden Brewpub. Over at the Market Garden Brewpub, there is a 10 barrel (350 gallon) brew house. And, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you find their Production Brewery that houses a 35-barrel (1,100 gallon) brew house where beer for distribution is produced.

Although Market Garden Brewery has the capability to produce on a mass scale, one would never know because most of their beer starts as a consumer-focused experiment. Because Nano Brew produces beer on a trial basis, new and inventive brews are always being concocted. Creativity is constantly pumping through the barrels of Market Garden, which keeps their taste and image fresh.

These breweries are definitely worth a visit if you are near Ohio City, but you can also find your favorite brews on the shelves of your local Heinen’s.

It is the unique approaches, yet equally great taste of these two breweries that makes them substantial brewers in the Cleveland craft beer market, and Heinen’s is thrilled to bring their quality, local craft beers to you.



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